How To Make Money Online Free and Fast? – Read here!

How To Make Money Online Free and Fast? – Read here!

How To Make Money Online Free and Fast? – Read here!

How to make money online free and fast? Are you asking? I am going to tell you the honest truth here in this article. All revealed.

How to make money Online free and fast?

The truth is to make money Online for free and fast is almost impossible.

Hi there, Edmund here.

I am sorry to break the bad news straight away to you. I do not like to beat around the bushes and paint a beautiful picture to lure you into starting your Online Business.

You’ve have to know right from the start that you need to work very hard to make your Online Business a Success!

Can’t take it? You can stop reading and exit this page already.

If you are committed and serious about making money Online with your first Online Business, I will share with you more what is the rationale behind what I just mentioned above.


How to make money Online free and fast? – Free at what cost?

How to make money Online free and fast? - free-tagWhen I just started my first Online Business with Wealthy Affiliate, I signed up as a free* Starter Member to learn the basics of how to be an Online Entrepreneur.

Yes, the Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1) Program is free*.

But hey, running an Online Business requires a Computer, Internet Connection, Domain Name, Web Host and Autoresponder. These are the basic essentials.


The computer is the hardware cost. You already have it, that’s fine. If you do not have it yet or intend to upgrade to a better one, you need to factor this cost.

Internet Connection

Internet Connection subscription plan will incur monthly expense too. I know, most household today already have an Internet connection and you are paying it monthly anyway. Would it be good if your Online Business can cover this expense too?

Domain Name

Domain Name is the “address” of your Online Business in the Internet World. E.g. You have to purchase the domain name from domain name seller and it cost about $10-$15 per year per domain name.

Web Host

Web Host is the place to host your Online Business Website. It may cost in the range of $15-20 per month per website, depending on which company you choose to host your websites.


Autoresponder is a third party program to help you acquire an email list when your Online Business visitors subscribe to your latest news or goodies. This list is very important for you to build customer relationships and potentially could buy new things you recommend them.

Some Autoresponder company like MailChimp do not charge a fee for the first 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. However, as your email list grows, they will start to charge $20 or more per month depending on the list’s size.

Strictly speaking, other than the hardware one-time cost, the rest are the fundamental costs that you’ll incur on a Monthly/Yearly basis.

I consider these my business operation cost.

So, is there a free Online Business?


How to make money Online free and fast? – Fast at what Speed?How to make money Online free and fast? - Fast

Do You want to make money fast? How much work are you willing to put into your Online Business each day?

This is the most difficult part and many people gave up after a few weeks without results.

Nathaniell, an ambassador of Wealthy Affiliate wrote an excellent article on this and I would like to share with you here.

“The question of how long it takes to earn money online and how much you can make comes up A LOT. Standard answers are “it takes time” and “you earn according to hard you work”. These are true, but for some, they are not satisfying answers.

The core of what people want to know is if learning online marketing, specifically learning what Wealthy Affiliate has to teach is worth their time. Hey, no one wants to waste time on something that doesn’t produce results, right?” [continue]


I personally wrote an article on this too.

How long does it take to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

I hope, after reading both articles, you’ll have an idea of how fast you really want to see your results.


How to make money Online free and fast? – Help and Support.

To make money Online requires a lot of hard work and sometimes you’ll face with road bumps and do not know how to continue.

That is why help and support from a community are very important if you are determined to be Successful with your Online Business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place I recommend you start out with, to make friends in the community who are like minded and positive to spur you on in your Online Business.

When you faced with road blocks, seek for advice and help within the community. You’ll be surprised that so many experts and helpful friends are willing to lend a helping hand or to give you a pat on the back to push you forward.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here to know more about Wealthy Affiliate.


How to make money Online free and fast? – You’ve made it!

Well, you have made it to the end of the article!

I am really glad that you did not exit this page right after the first passage. You are already a quarter way to your success when you have set your mind to it!

I am a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, and my profile is edtay78.

Join the free* Starter Membership and give it a try. If you need a hand in anything, do feel free to PM me at the members’ area.

Wishing you the best!






*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.


2 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Free and Fast? – Read here!

  1. Ehab

    Hello Edmund,

    Great review for Wealthy Affiliate, I learned in that community that making money fast is a myth, you should spend time and effort to start earning some but in the long term you will gain all the effort you have spent in old days!

    Thanks for sharing and wish you all the best with your business!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Ehab, thank you for your comment.

      Agree, it is always hard work in the beginning. When the traction begins for your Online Business, it will start to get easier!

      Wishing you the best too!

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