Moms Making Six Figures Review – Scam or Legit?

Moms Making Six Figures Review – Scam or Legit?

Moms Making Six Figures Review – Scam or Legit?

Moms Making Six Figures Review – What is so secretive about Moms Making Six Figures and what actually are they selling? Can Moms Making Six Figures help you make six figures? You can find out more in this research review.

Moms Making Six Figures Review


Product: Melaleuca’s Wellness related MLM Products

Price: As per Melaleuca’s Price and Compensation Plan.

Owner: Heidi Bartolotta

Suitable for: MLM Marketers

Overview: A Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) who created a beautiful website for recruitment to her MLM team. It is a clever way to extend her reach to potential downlines, mainly targeted at SAHM, rather than she chasing down her family or friends to join her team.

Moms Making Six Figures Review – Who is Heidi Bartolotta?

Moms Making Six Figures Review - Heidi Bartolotta

“Heidi Bartolotta worked as pharmaceutical sales representative for 12 years. But after having her two daughters, she no longer wanted to work late and travel; she wanted to be home.

So, Bartolotta quit her job and founded Moms Making Six Figures with two other women in December 2009 in San Diego to allow women to stay at home and either replace or supplement their incomes.” – blog.


If you are interested in Moms Making Six Figures, read on in this research review.


Moms Making Six Figures Review – Is it a Scam?

Before I write this research review, I took a tour of  a few review pages doing a Google Search. Most give it a poor rating and some say it is downright Awful.

Their reasons are mainly Heidi’s website did not clearly spell out what kind of product or business she is promoting, being very tight lipped and secretive.

Indeed, as I toured around Heidi’s Moms Making Six Figures website, I did not really know what she is dealing with other than,

“Our members are marketing representatives for US-based manufacturer of consumer products.”

and, she has been doing this since 2009.

Heidi has a Bios page that tells us about each member of her team that comes with a very professionally produced interview videos of them. I think this bios page is very well done and definitely very convincing from my perspective.

Heidi has a Blog page too. I took a quick scroll to some of her old posts, the articles she wrote are quite general and mostly mom or child related.

I noticed that in one of her blog post, she showed off  her website’s advertisement in some magazines too! However, as you would guessed, no mention of what company or product she is promoting other than,

“At the company level, Moms is partnered with a U.S.- based manufacturer that makes home and wellness products that are safer for both the individual and the environment and at a competitive price.”

“Our job is simply to help people. First we educate them about the toxins that can sneak into our homes and about overall wellness. Then we provide a solution to help people reach their personal goals, whether they be related to physical health or financial,”

My first thought after my research, personally, I would not view it as a scam.

Although I still do not know what kind of “wellness products” Heidi is into, being involved in MLM before, I have a good feeling that it must be related to MLM kind of product.

Not all MLM companies are scams. There are legitimate and long-standing MLM companies such as AMWAY, NUSKIN or even HerbalLife.

All these companies offer valuable products to their customers, thus, they are able to survive long term.


Moms Making Six Figures Review – MLM Products Revealed!

One of the review page I came across actually has revealed which MLM company where Heidi is a distributor and a leader.

Moms Making Six Figures, found at, is an affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing company that represents Melaleuca, a company that sells health and cleansing products, and recruits marketers.” – David Harris from

Indeed, just as I thought, an MLM company selling heath and cleansing products.

Moms Making Six Figures Review- Melaleuca

Moms Making Six Figures Review - Melaleuca Products


Moms Making Six Figures Review – Is Melaleuca Legitimate?

Since Heidi’s website was started since 2009, Melaleuca is still presently around when I am writing this post. At least, we know the MLM company is still around and the products offered may have values to their direct consumers.

Now we know that Moms Making Six Figures is related to Melaleuca, how does Melaleuca MLM work?

All MLM companies work on the same basic principles. You bring in your downlines, whatever products they buy or sell to their own downlines, you get a share of commissions. It’s just the compensation plan differs from companies to companies.

You can download Melaleuca’s compensation plan here.

As usual, MLM companies will have their fair share of complaints. This is because MLM companies recruit distributors from all walks of life and different backgrounds. There are bound to have black sheep giving the company a bad name or reputations in their ways of “hard” or “pressure” selling.

You can view the complaints here.

You have to be very objective to find out the company’s value, policies and conditions diligently before jumping onboard into any MLM ships.


Moms Making Six Figures Review – My personal take

Will it work?

Not everyone is suitable for MLM business. It is definitely not going to be easy and you are definitely not going to get rich overnight!

First, you have to ask yourself where could you prospect your downlines? Family? Relatives? Friends? Colleagues? Strangers?

Pestering your loved ones or close friends may result in many rejections and even relationship souring. You could lose a few friends along the way.

IF you are really determined and will not give up due to any setback because you are hungry for your Success in MLM business. You might be a good candidate.

Study the company well before you join them.

IF you are really the kind who do not like to pester family or friends. You feel bad about rejections or fear of meeting strangers to pitch your products to them. Your chance of failing in the MLM business is potentially very high!

Again, this is my personal take and you may have different takes on this.


Moms Making Six Figures Review – Online Business Alternative

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

Moms Making Six Figures Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

I was a distributor of an MLM company before and I hated that experience. Exactly what I mentioned to you above, friends avoided me when I approach them. I had to make cold calls to prospect downlines.

I have to invest in their products first so that I can “convince” myself that their products are good. I have to fork out 1000’s of dollars before I even make money!

I have to attend their training, forking out large sum of money from my own pocket again!

I gave up after several months.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I learn how to build my Online Business as an Affiliate Marketeer. I do not need to pester family or friends to sell my products. ( Again, I would like to emphasise that Affiliate Marketing will not make you rich overnight too! )

What I need to do is to create a website and review products that I am interested in. If my visitors like the products and purchase from my affiliate links. I made a commission from the sales and that’s it!

Wealthy Affiliate comes with live support and help from the owners and the community. Not only that it comes with complete tools and Website building and hosting suite. It’s an all-in-one platform with a monthly fee, and you do not have to worry about other operation costs.

You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership.

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Moms Making Six Figures Review – Final Verdict

Moms Making Six Figures
Owners: Heidi Bartolotta

Overall Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

I rated this product 2.0 stars because the MLM Business could be suitable for some but not for many.

I think Heidi should be more open and direct in telling her visitors what product she is really into. In this way, as a visitor, I can have more trust on her website and credibility.

Personally I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about Affiliate Marketing Business as a good alternative for MLM business. I would highly recommend it if you can go through the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level 1) to have the first-hand experience of how to build your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Even for the free* course at Wealthy Affiliate, every detail is laid out clearly for a novice with ZERO Affiliate Marketing knowledge.

My profile is edtay78. If you need a hand in anything, you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing you the best!

Moms Making Six Figures Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.


4 thoughts on “Moms Making Six Figures Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. Kim

    Hi, Edmund!

    I was researching for Moms making six figures and I found your review.
    Thanks for sharing what Heidi is really into as I couldn’t find any product information on her website.

    Now that I know she into wellness MLM products, I guess I would not consider her opportunity as I am not into MLM business model like you too.

    Great Review!
    Thanks, Edmund!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Kim!

      You are most Welcome! I am glad that this article has created value for you.

      You could consider Affiliate Marketing business model as an alternative to MLM business model. It is less stressful compared to MLM.

      I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate University, where I first learned how to start an Affiliate Marketing business and made my first Passive Online Income! It really has some Awesome training in there. You can read my personal review here.

      Wishing you the best!

  2. Julie M

    Hi Edmund,
    Interesting review however you couldn’t be further from the truth. First Melaleuca is NOT a MLM. In our 30 year history we never have been. We are a consumer direct manufacture, meaning our 1.3 million customers worldwide buy directly from the manufacture. MMSF is a team of individuals that market or educate others on the online store. No funny stuff involved, no secrets, a high respected 30 year old, billion dollar, debt free company that makes everyday products with higher quality ingredients and more affordable.
    Just saying…

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Julie.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

      I agree with you that Melaleuca is a strong company with valuable products for their customers.

      However, Melaleuca is an MLM company based on my research.
      Melaleuca has a compensation plan which look pretty close to MLM to me.
      (You should take a look)

      They have,
      1. Number of Generations on Which Organization Commission Is Paid
      2. Minimum Monthly Product Point Production Required for is Status
      3. Minimum Number of Active Personal Customers Required for is Status
      4. Average Monthly Leadership Point Production Required for is Status (3-Month Average)
      5. etc.

      Also, mentioned at this Melaleuca contact-us page,
      “Thank you for your interest in Melaleuca. Every Melaleuca Member is referred by another customer. To learn how you can become a Melaleuca Preferred Customer, contact the person who referred you to this site.”

      Of course, after signing up with your sponsor, you could choose to be a retailer by setting up Online Stores and sell your products at a profit.

      But why MMSF is recruiting Stay At Home Moms? The compensation plan is another motivating factor to earn additional income, isn’t it?

      As your potential customer, I would prefer to know which company you stand for at your MMSF website before I decide to join.
      I believe this will definitely make MMSF a more trustworthy website and perhaps gain more customers too.

      Wishing you the best!

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