My Lead System Pro Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

My Lead System Pro Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

My Lead System Pro Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

My Lead System Pro Review – Is My Lead System Pro Scam or Legit? What is My Lead System Pro all about? Read this shocking review now!

My Lead System Pro Review


Product: Internet Affiliate Marketing Training.

Price: USD19.97/mth to USD1499.97/yr

Up-Sell: MLSP Training Library, Attraction Marketing Intensive, Sound Traffic Mojo

Owner: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz & Todd Schlomer

Suitable for: Novice to Expert

Overview: My Lead System Pro is formally known as MLM Lead System Pro. It is a community of Affiliate marketers leading and motivating each other to bring in more leads to buying into the “Mastery” system.

“Attraction Marketing” and “Brand you as a Leader” they would say! Many novice marketers do not really have a clue what they are marketing if they follow the wrong “Leader”.

My Lead System Pro Review – What is it all about?

Are you looking for My Lead System Pro review before deciding on signing up the system? You have come to the right place!

Let me clear one misconception first.

Many people have thought that My Lead System Pro is an MLM system, I was one too.

I was researching on My Lead System Pro and looked everywhere for its MLM structure compensation plan Online but could not find one.

Until I come across this from My Lead System Pro Official Webpage.

My Lead System Pro Review - Disclaimer

Click to Enlarge

Legal disclaimer: NO, you do not have to purchase any of our products to sell them. NO, there are no pass-ups or compensation plan because MLSP is NOT a business opportunity. MLSP is a revolutionary, innovative, extremely robust and powerful education platform and affiliate program for home business owners designed to help build any home business faster just like the pros do!

It simply means that My Lead System Pro is a system where you sell to your customers the same system you have bought into and get a commission based on each sale.

There is no sponsor and downline structure where commission from sales closed by a downline is passed up a few levels of sponsors.

My Lead System Pro could be an MLM company when it first started out in 2008 (it was named MLM Lead System Pro) but I guess it has to evolve to what it is now.

After all, MLM business model is not sustainable if the base gets wider and the product is not perceived as a good one by many.


My Lead System Pro Review – How much does it cost?

My Lead System Pro offers 2 different plans as follow:

My Lead System Pro Review - Plans

Click to enlarge.

MLSP Mastery offers all the training and tools including the Affiliate income opportunity. USD149.97/mth or USD1499.97/yr!

MLSP University offers only the training and tools. USD49.97/mth!

Based on my research, there have been mix reviews about whether the training is really worth the price.

Some said the videos are too long and the actual valuable contents are only limited!

“Although the Internet Marketing training is useful, the length of each training video is long and inefficient. The average training video length is approximately 1hr30mins but the useful information probably only cover 20mins.” – Jack Cao, owner

Some said the tools and training are the best available.

“I personally have been very satisfied with what I have learned within My Lead System Pro.  I myself have a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a focus in advertising and I can honestly say I have learned MORE about marketing online through My Lead System Pro, than I actually learned in college, when it comes to Marketing Online.” – Loris Willis, owner

While some said that MLSP University is overpriced!

“This program is truly the reverse robin hood, taking from the poor and giving to the rich and it is shameful how many people are getting ripped off by this program.” – Kyle, owner

Personally, I do feel that it is indeed overpriced comparing to Wealthy Affiliate University’s quality training, excellent tools, caring community and even WordPress specialized Web hosting!


My Lead System Pro Review – Why are there so many “Leaders”?

Have you noticed that I used ” ” for Leaders?

This MLSP system will teach all its new affiliate how to brand themselves as a “Leader” to attract leads into the MLSP system.

I guess this is also what they meant by “Attraction Marketing”, being a “Leader” provides a perception that you are already successful.

New Internet marketers want to follow successful “Leader” so they are willing to join your team and follow you. As a “Leader” you up-sell the training product in MLSP to provide “values” to your follower.

Then the new internet marketer who join the system also brands themselves as the new “Leader” to attract another new internet marketer wannabe.

My Lead System Pro Review - Blind leading the blind

Click Image for an interesting article about this.


This is dangerous! This is the case of the Blinds leading the Blinds!

Yes, there are a handful real Successful Leaders! Are you sure your “Leader” is one of them?




My Lead System Pro Review – The Harsh Truth.

If you hover your mouse on the little blue question mark beside the item “100% of One-Time-Offer” (MLSP Mastery Plan), you’ll see this.

My Lead System Pro Review - Trust Us

This is talking about the up-sell products that MLSP Mastery has. If you sell any of the one-time-offer products, you’ll receive 100% commission from the sales.

  1. MLSP Training Library – USD797!
  2. Attraction Marketing Intensive – USD297!
  3. Sound Traffic Mojo – USD149.97!
  4. Many other more that may cost up to USD1497! (This is insane!)

I have underlined the last sentence. Read it closely.

This can be viewed from 2 perspectives, as the “Leader” and as the “Follower”.

As the “Leader”, of course, it is enticing to know that if you sell any of the one-time-offer to your “Follower”, you would get 100% commission! This is perfect!

But hold on, you have to become a “Follower” first when you signed up MLSP Mastery right?

If you sign up MLSP Mastery, you have just walked into a “sales funnel”. You will be presented with the ideas why the up-sell products are good for you and your business.

You will be enticed to buy products after products, then, money flows out from your pocket to your “leaders” one if you buy any.

Even before you can start seeing profit from your own business, you are already bleeding loses.


My Lead System Pro Review – Are you The One?

My Lead System Pro Review - The One - Jet Li

You might say, “Well I can make the money back soon after I learn all the lessons!”

Read this carefully.

You are not The Only Unique One in the Online World selling MLSP Mastery.

Many have already seen MLSP Mastery, as it has been around for years, 10000s of people are promoting it and reviewed it.

All MLSP Mastery “Leaders” will push you to signup the MLSP Mastery plan because about 66.6% of your $149.97/mth fee is going to them every month!

Some desperate “Leaders” hard selling the MLSP Mastery and up-sell products already turn many off.

Even if you applied diligently what you learned to your business, you will not see profit “soon”.

It takes time and commitment to building an Online Internet Marketing Business and number of prospective leads are getting lesser and lesser.

The truth is, most already gave up when they did not see the money “soon”.

Do you agree?


My Lead System Pro Review – My Personal Take.

Although you could earn a handsome amount of commission from My Lead System Pro, personally I will not get into this system due to the following concerns.

#1 Start up cost too high

The cost of buying into the system is in $1000s!

Thus, I would not recommend anyone who is looking out to earn money Online to borrow just to buy into the system. You will be in risk of debt with high-interest repayment. What if you decide this is not for you anymore?

What if you decide this is not for you anymore?

#2 High Competition

As I mentioned earlier, 10000s of people are promoting this system.

Are you the special one that can beat most of them to reach the top?

I do not think I want to join into this furor, but persue my own passion instead.

#3 Hard Selling tactic

I dislike high-pressure selling tactics because I think this is unethical.

As a “leader”, you must educate your “follower” and advise them the potential gains and pitfalls of this My Lead System Pro system.

Then throw the ball on their court and let them decide. When you do this, you present yourself as a person who want to help instead of a person desperate for a sale.


My Lead System Pro Review – Passive Income Alternative

I believe in building a business around my passion and creating values for my readers. Profit is secondary and it is just a bonus to reward my effort.

I started my Affiliate Marketing business in 2014 and never looked back since.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

My Lead System Pro Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I could start learning how to build my Online Business Passive Income with ZERO prior knowledge on Affiliate Marketing.

You can even build your first Affiliate Marketing Business with FREE* Starter Membership in the next few minutes!

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


My Lead System Pro Review – Final Verdict

My Lead System Pro
Owner: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz & Todd Schlomer
Overall Rating: 

I rated My Lead System Pro 2.0 stars because this is a system that focuses on teaching you how to sell the same MLSP system to another new Internet Marketer Wannabe.

MLSP University may have some good training and tool, but I feel that their focus on selling MLSP Mastery and up-sell you products within My Lead System Pro are not welcoming for me.

I also do not quite like MLSP’s idea of teaching you to create a perception that you are a “Leader” even when you just started out in this Internet Marketing Business.

Finally, it is indeed overpriced! With the multiple up-sells and high membership fees ($149.97/mth or $1499/yr), it may be not so affordable for many.

Wishing you the best!

My Lead System Pro Review- Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

10 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

  1. Christie

    I completely agree with your review. I am part of an MLM company, which I love, but a few of the ladies under me use this program and keep telling me how great it is and that I should join. I haven’t jumped in yet, because most of them haven’t had any sales since starting. That has made me quite hesitant…

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Christie,
      Thank you for your honest sharing. Together with your sharing, I hope that those would want to join MLSP Mastery will be able to make a better and informed decision.

      Wishing you Success!

  2. Allan

    Hi Edmund, and thank you for this article! I have heard of my lead system pro back when it was formerly known as MLM pro, but I never tried the product as I tend to stay away from MLM systems. A lot of people like them, but it just isn’t my cup of tea. I really enjoyed the part of your article about the importance of picking the right leader in this industry. What most people don’t realize is that there are people out there who are successful Internet business owners, and a few of those people are willing to share with you the steps to achieving your goals online. You hit the nail on the head when you said we should be very careful when selecting these “leaders”. That is why honest reviews like yours are valuable to the online community. Keep up the good work!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Allan, thank you for your comment too!

      My Lead System Pro has evolved over the years. Similar to you, MLM systems is not my cup of tea. Been there, tried that. Yes, it is indeed very rare in the Online World where you can find a honest leader who are willing to share their knowledge fully.

      I am really glad that I am with Wealthy Affiliate University now. Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate University is the true rare leader that everyone wished to find. He is humble and generous in sharing his knowledge. He involves himself in the community to offer helps and advice. A true leader he is!

      I am happy that this post has created values for the online community. Wishing you the best!

  3. Nnamdi

    Hello Edmund, I recently read an article on My Leads System Pro too, I must tell you that is way too expensive for someone that is trying to earn money from online business. It is crazy, I can’t do that, besides is mlm kind of online business. If you would suggest a better program, what would that be?

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hello Nnamdi, thanks for your comment. My Leads System Pro was a MLM system but has evolved to an affiliate model. They do not have sponsor-downline compensation structure. But monthly subscription fee and tons of up-sells. Once you signed up, you are walking into a sales funnel trap.

      I am learning and building my Online Business at Wealthy Affiliate University. It has the most comprehensive training on how to build an Online Business from the foundation up. There is no MLM, no up sell and best of all you can try it for FREE* for as long as you want as a Starter Member.

      Head down to Wealthy Affiliate University and check it out! I assure you that you are gonna be impressed! Feel free to PM me if you need any help or advice on Internet Marketing when you are there.

      I look forward to meet you and follow your journey towards your Online Success at Wealthy Affiliate University.

  4. Mike Ch

    Hi Edmund, thanks for your sharing in this review. I am interested in MLSP as it says it can quickly generate leads for biz owners. I am looking for more members for my networking opportunity which does not require members to pay any monthly fees to make money. I am already using special internet marketing systems to get leads from the huge cold market worldwide.

    I want to achieve faster success to higher levels and wonder if MLSP can help me. I am not so sure if MLSP can help in my particular type of business after reading your review as it seems to focus mainly on promoting MLSP to other people and there are many upsells.

    Can you share if Wealthy Affiliate program can help me to get more members and customers for my kind of business?

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Mike.

      I believe you are an experienced Internet Marketer and you did not mention what kind of business you are in. However, from your sharing, I assumed you are marketing MLM related products as you are looking to recruit more members for networking opportunities.

      MLSP is not an MLM system nor it could help to promote other products other than it’s own. Thus, I believe if you want to promote your product, MLSP may not be suitable for you.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, it’s basic training on Affiliate Marketing may not be suitable for you either because you are already more advanced than that. However, the advance training created by experts within the community training could be of help to you. Such as, how to gain your traffic from social media, PPC ads or even advanced SEO techniques.

      If you are not able to find what you wanted to know, you can always post a question to the community and sometimes, answers will come to you within minutes. BUT, be careful not to SPAM the community or try to recruit the community by leading them to your special Internet Marketing Systems and risk getting banned. There are rules within the community and if you are not sure, you can ask too before you post anything.

      I hope I have answered your question and wishing you the best!

  5. Darrell Harris

    Hello Edmund
    Great post! I have heard of the old name MLM pro and had been asked about MLSP by several people.
    I heard that the program was very expensive also,so Edmund thanks for clarifying that issue up. Your review was very insightful and very informative.

    It definitely will save me and others a lot of time and money. Thanks again for sharing and for that useful advice.

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