Sokule Submit Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Sokule Submit Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Sokule Submit Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Sokule Submit Review – Read this before you part with your money to invest into this system. Is Sokule Submit going to bring you tons of traffic?

Sokule Submit Review


Product: Traffic Generating System

Price: Free to signup. $47/mth, $297/year, $597 one-time.

Owners: Phil Basten, Jane Mark

Suitable for: None

Overview: An easy 1-click submission system created by Phil Basten and Jane Mark. You can post your message (with your affiliate links) to 100,000 Sokule and Yakamore members every day. Will it work?

Sokule Submit Review – Who are the Owners?

Sokule Submit Review - Jane Mark


Sokule Submit Review - Phil Basten






Excerpts from

“Jane Mark and Phil Basten have been helping people succeed on the net for the past ten years.

Together they have developed some of the most innovative websites and scripts on the net including a list building management system, various advertising scripts, and some of the most effective targeted advertising services on the web.

Their latest endeavor, Sokule, was born in 2009 and was created to meet the advertising needs of the internet business community by helping to increase the advertising reach of it’s members and advertisers.”

Sokule Submit Review – What is Sokule Submit all about?

Jane and Mark had foreseen a problem most Online Entrepreneurs have,  which is generating targeted traffic to their Online Businesses.

So both of them came together to create a system to help Online Entrepreneurs to build their email list and a 1-click advertisements submitting system.

“If you have been butting your head against a wall trying to build a profitable online business, or struggling just make some extra money each week to pay some bills, you can now INSTANTLY reach more than 100,000 active users of Sokule Submit today.”

Sokule Submit Review - Submitters

Although, it all sound so convincing, as a reviewer, I am skeptical to all claims and promises as always. I am determined to find out more.

While I was doing my research on Sokule Submit, one thing I find very strange is that Sokule Submit has been around for more than 6 years, there are rarely any raving reviews about it. However, its Facebook page has garnered 3999 likes since 2009 to this day I am writing this review.

Sokule Submit Review - Facebook

Even at the most active Warrior Forum, no one seems to talk about it for a long time. So to understand it better, I joined as a free member to take a tour.


Sokule Submit Review – I joined as a free member.

Well, the first thing after I enter my email address, the one-time-offer page pops up.

Not surprising for me, I am quite expecting an upsell straight away.

Let’s take a look at the plans available.

Sokule Submit Review - plans

And the one-time-offer pricing.

Sokule Submit Review - oto

Of course, they also throw in a few bonuses along the way to entice you to sign up immediately.

Bonuses such as,

  1. Sokule Credit Bonus
  2. 1-Click Machine Campaign Bonus
  3. 1000 Free Traffic Booster Mailer Credits.

BUT, there was no explanation how these bonuses works with Sokule Submit and how it would benefit my business.

Is there any different between pro and expert? Why OTO is a pro, else is an expert?

There were so many unanswered questions on my mind, and it is still expensive!

I skipped all these offers and went to the free members area straight.


Sokule Submit Review – Free members’ area.

Once I am logged in, I am served with a Welcome message from Jane. As I continue on, I see the following screen.

Sokule Submit Review - Members Area

There is a User CP (Control Panel) Menu and another Welcome message with my affiliate link.

As I click on each submitter tab of the User CP Menu, I am greeted with an upgrade message.

Sokule Submit Review - upgrade

I could choose to upgrade my account or purchase each submitter at a-la-cart pricing.

Sokule Submit Review - alacart

You can see that as a free member, you are not able to submit any ads, not even given trial ones to test the effectiveness of the submitters or how user-friendly as they have claimed.

So, as a free member, the only thing is that you could do is to promote Sokule Submit for 10% commission using the affiliate link provided.

Next I go on to click on other tabs of the User CP Menu.

Sokule Submit Review - upsell

For each link, I am blasted with another product created either by Phil or Jane!

It began to get very confusing to use this system. Are all these necessary for Sokule Submit? Or they are just taking the opportunity to sell me another product since I am in here anyway.

And for each product, you have to join and pay more money to use it! Honestly, I am a little pissed-off at this point.

No values created for new free members at all!


Sokule Submit Review – Other Reviews

Well, these are other reviews I found while I researched on Sokule Submit. Some of them quite old already.

“This is being promoted by someone known to promote scam. I started by trying to find out who it is registered to…[continue]” – scratchycat,

“Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.
This website has been reported as being untrustworthy
This website/business has been given a low reliability rating by other websites” –

“Yakamore and Sokule (pronounced so cool) are both affiliated with Sokule Submit.
They say you may post to over 100,000 people per day. I have sent a few adds but I am yet to see an increase in hits. Looks like another one to add to my should have done more research list.” – Graeme,

“This has been a complete waste of money for me. What good is posting to 100k per day if none of them click your links? If you are familiar with Jane Mark and her products you should know better than to join this.” – tomtommarketing,


Sokule Submit Review – My Personal Take

As much as Sokule Submit is so convincing to you, I will not upgrade my membership for the following reasons.

  1. Unjustifiable 100,000 active users as they claimed.
  2. Unverifiable directory sites, backlink sites or bookmarking sites where they are submitting your links.
  3. Imagine 100K users sends 1 ads each to 100K users every day, what are the chance that one of the users will read your ads? 1/100,000 chance? E.g. Will you scroll and read to the end of all your Facebook newsfeed every day?
  4. Google has grown to be super intelligent since 2009! Penguin and Panda updates kill off many sites with bogus backlinks.

Personally, I would not risk my Online Business with this Sokule Submit system based on my own research.

Again, this is my personal take. If you have your own thought on this, feel free to submit your comment.


Sokule Submit Review – Targeted Traffic Alternative

In order to stay strong and firm in the high ranking position of Search engines, the most important quality of an Online Business is to be able to provide valuable solutions to solution seekers.

It is a “rather be safe than sorry” situation when you are considering submitting your precious website links to a 3rd-party system where you do not have control where they are going to place your links. Or in anyway able to verify whether they really submit for you in the first place.

Some unethical system could be using bots to hit your website to make you believe that there is real traffic. Your website could also get penalized if your have a massive amount of backlinks from unrelated sites.

If you are looking to growing your traffic the right and sustainable way, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is an Open Education Project University where all Online Entrepreneurs gather to build a like-minded community.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to grow my website traffic and build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

Sokule Submit Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I could also learn how to build my Online Business Passive Income with the help of many experts and friends within the community.

Not only that, it comes with complete tools and Website building and hosting suite, Wealthy Affiliate even comes with live support and help from the founders directly! It’s an all-in-one platform with a monthly fee, and you do not have to worry about other operation costs.

You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership.

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Sokule Submit Review – Final Verdict

Sokule Submit
Sean Willow
Overall Rating: 

I rated this product 1.0 stars because I can be an affiliate for 10% commission if I want to promote this system as a free member but I will not.

Based on my research, I will not upgrade my membership too.

Personally, I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about Affiliate Marketing Business and a good alternative for learning how to build a steady stream of quality and targeted traffic.

I would highly recommend it if you can go through the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level 1) to have the first-hand experience of how to build your targeted traffic for your Online Business.

Even for the free* course at Wealthy Affiliate, every detail is laid out clearly for a novice with ZERO knowledge. Let me assure you that you’ll definitely gain enormous values from this free* course.

My profile is edtay78. If you need a hand in anything, you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing you the best!

Sokule Submit Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

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  1. mike

    Very, VERY informative! I was about to signup!
    Glad i saw your review.

    Sad that you cannot “test the seas” first with the free membership.
    Ex: send a message to 100 person and see how it goes?

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