What is LeadsLeap? – Free Online Leads

What is LeadsLeap? – Free Online Leads

What is LeadsLeap? – Free Online Leads

What is LeadsLeap? You are going to be amazed by the brilliant solution to traffic leads!

What is LeadsLeap?

In Simplicity, LeadsLeap is a leads generation system that helps to drive traffics to your website, for FREE.

Yeah! I like FREE stuff and all thanks to the founder of this system, Kenneth Koh.

LeadsLeap was founded with the following objectives:

  • Send you traffic
  • Educate you on different aspects of marketing (newsletter, blog, video, ebook)
  • Give you powerful web tools FREE to help you build a successful business
  • Make you some money in the process without much effort

LeadsLeap has 3 ways to do this:

  • Free Advertising
  • Free Marking Tools
  • Exponential Leads Network Builder

I’ll share with you each in a little more details.

Free Advertising

LeadsLeap Free AdsAs a free member, you can post an advertisement in LeadsLeap Lead Generation System. The trick here is that you need to earn credits either by viewing other’s member ads or by adding a LeadsLeap’s ad widget on your website.

This is an example of a live widget: (Refresh this page again if you cannot see it.)


By placing the LeadsLeap’s ad widget on your website, you become part of the free advertising network where other member’s ads can be seen by your visitors.

As of now, LeadsLeap claims that it has a network of more than 4000 members who had installed this widget on their websites. In addition, your ad will be shown in the member’s area and blog, example below. If any members view your ads, they will earn credits for posting their ads.


LeadsLeap Memers Area Ads


You’ll notice that LeadsLeap shows you how much traffic the ads get with the ‘Total Clicks’ score below each ad. In this way, LeadsLeap is creating a network of widgets to display ads and at the same time creating a network of members to view ads. Very clever!

Option for Paid Advertising (PRO Members)

LeadsLeap provides an option for members to use its premium service where your ads will be shown across the entire LeadsLeap’s entire network without the need of using credits. i.e. Pro Members need not earn credits. The advantage to being a PRO member is that you can set up additional ads called Pro Ads.

The Pro Ads will be shown alternately in the network 24/7 without the need of credit. The Pro Ads will also be shown in the member’s area, in LeadsLeap’s blog as well as the emails that LeadsLeap send to its members.

The display ratio for Free Ads vs Pro Ads is that 30% of the ads shown in the network are Free Ads and 70% are Pro Ads. Obviously, Pro Ads will receive more exposure and a higher chance of click through as compared to Free Ads. Paid Advertising will cost PRO Members USD27/mth.

Free Marketing Tools

LeadsLeap Free ToolsAnother great thing about LeadsLeap is that it provides free marking tools for its members. These tools are not those cheap and unusable tools that are of no values to the members. These tools are professional tools that every Online Marketer needs! And they are available for FREE!

Free Tool #1 – PopupXpert ‘Event-Based’ Popup Generator

This is an online creation tool that allows members to create professional “action calling” pop up within minutes!

It is for:

  • Bloggers who want to encourage visitors to read other popular posts.

  • List builders who want to increase their opt-in rate.

  • Membership operators who want to add an animated signup form.


This is an example I created within 5 minutes. You’ll need some time to get familiar with the PopupXpert creator. Play around and you’ll get the hang of it.


Click here to play around with the PopupXpert creator now!


Free Tool #2 – Free MYOB List Builder PHP Script

This is a Killer! It is a complete autoresponder system! Yes, Kenneth is offering LeadsLeap List Builder PHP Script for FREE because he is sick of many people asking him “Kenneth, show me how to make money.”

Not only it is a complete autoresponder system, it is also:

  • a one-time-offer system to help you generate instant cash.

  • a complete affiliate system for you to run your own affiliate program.

  • a built-in banner rotation system, email advertising system and exit popup system for you to promote different programs easily.

You don’t have to spend USD20 a month on third party autoresponder services anymore!

The downside of this tool is that you may need to know a little technical knowledge of installation of the PHP Script to your Web Host server. However, do not worry. Kenneth provides a step by step guide when you download the script at the members’ area.


Free Tool #3: Advanced Link Cloaker

Many WordPress users have been using PrettyLink to cloak their links. LeadsLeap provides something that is similar but more advanced in features as follows:

  • Its Dual-URL feature allows you to send traffic to other sites without losing your affiliate commission.

  • You can use the Time-Sensitive AdFrame feature to promote other products and boost the conversion.

It is 100% FREE from other people’s ad.

I shall not elaborate much more on these great tools as there are training and blogs that teach you how to use these tools in the members area. Please explore to find out more.


Free Tool #4: Cookie Generator

Cookie Generator is used if you wish to track who your visitors are.

Type of visitors:

1. They are new visitors.

2. They are returning visitors who are in your mailing list.

3. They are returning visitors who have bought through your affiliate links.

By placing the small code generated from the cookie generator into your website, each time a visitor visits your page, a small tracking information is placed in their browser. In this way, you can create different offers to target at each group of visitors.

For example, if the returning visitor is a subscriber in your list, you would not want to have pop-ups to ask them to subscribe to your list again. It would be annoying to the returning visitor right?

You could create a new pop up for another value offer to this visitor instead. You see the difference now?

Moreover, LeadsLeap has integrated the Cookie Generator tool with PopupExpert seamlessly. So that you can use PopupExpert to show different offers to a different group of visitors.

>>Read How To Customize The Offers For Subscribers And Non-Subscribers?


Exponential Leads Network Builder

LeadsLeap Network BuilderAs an Internet Marketer, I would be interested in promoting useful tools or products that is of value to others.

Exponential Leads Network Builder is an affiliate program by LeadsLeap where its members can promote LeadsLeap. It has an MLM feature just that you do not have to pay anything to be a Sponsor.

As a Member,  you will have access to 10-levels of downline.

An example quoted from LeadsLeap:

Say if you simply refer 4 people to join LeadsLeap, and each of these 4 people refer 4 other people to join LeadsLeap. With our 10-level lead generation system, this means you will be able to reach out to 1,398,100 leads at 10-levels deep.

This is very important because as you are building your network of downlines, you are able to access to them through your “up-line” ads visible at each member’s area!

You can see the bigger picture now that Leadsleap really offers Leads to your business!

What is required?

You definitely need to have an Online business setup before you could use LeadsLeap system.

Do not have one yet? Thinking of running your own Online business during your spare time or work from home?

Wealthy Affiliate provides FREE* training and 2 FREE* Websites to start your business! Yeah again! I like FREE stuff!

Check out Wealthy Affiliate Here!


So what are you waiting for?

LeadsLeap is a genuine system that helps to generate traffics or leads using the 3-prongs approach that I just mentioned above.

It requires FREE members to earn credits to post ads and there are several ways to earn the credits. If you do not wish to spend time “earning” credits, you could be a PRO member with a monthly fee of USD27.

I would highly recommend you to join as a FREE member first to test out the system. If you see that this system really fits your needs, you can consider becoming a PRO member later.

Click Here to join as a LeadsLeap FREE member Now!

Read This>>UPDATE Jan 2016: LeadsLeap 2.0 is out!

Wishing you Success!






*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

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