Jaaxy Review – Free keyword research tools for SEO 2017

Jaaxy Review – Free keyword research tool for SEO 2017

Jaaxy Review – What is Jaaxy and how does it work? Read this detailed review of Jaaxy from my personal experience.

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Overview: Most updated and cheap keyword research tool for SEO that utilizes data from all Search Engines. Useful keyword metrics is presented in a simple and neat format for keyword shortlisting. “Spying” tool to give some insight of competitor website’s ranking acquisition Secret.

Jaaxy Review – Online Business Novice

When I was new in the Online Business, I always hear people mentioning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I was not sure how will SEO help a Website until I became the Starter Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

SEO is basically trying to “synchronise” a Website’s content to the Search Engine’s search algorithm so that a Website can be rank high and be shown in the first-page result.

Many of us did search for something before using Google, Yahoo or Bing. Have you ever scroll more than 3 pages of the returned search results to find what you want? No? I would not do it myself too!

The reason I would not scroll many pages down to find what I want is that the search algorithm of the Top Search Engines are so smart that they will return us the most relevant results pertaining to our search.

The Goal of SEO is to rank our page high so that it will be shown on the first page of Search Results. This implies that we will potentially have more traffic from the first-page ranking.


Jaaxy Review – Evolution of Top Search Engines Website ranking algorithm.

Search Engines has evolved so much since the beginning of Internet. More and more complex algorithms are created to filter out malicious and spam websites to ensure that the user will not receive rubbish results from the Search Engines.

You can see a very simple and informative illustration of how search works by Google HERE.


Jaaxy Review – SEO using Power Keywords.

Content Keywords is one of the mechanisms to make the Search Engine’s search algorithm to “like” the contents of a website and choose to rank it on the first page of search results.

The top Search Engines love relevant content very much because, through relevant contents, they can easily decide whether the contents are relevant to a search keyword.

For example, when I typed rent bridal car in the Search Box, I receive the results as shown below.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO - 1

Google returns me a list of websites that are highly relevant to my search phrase. The first 3 items are paid advertisement, therefore, they are shown at the very top. The rest of the list are websites ranked by Google. Usually, the top 10 websites are listed on the first page.

Now you know why all Online Businesses are competing to sieve out the Power Keywords to create contents related to their websites. Thus, this creates a demand for keyword research tools to recommend the optimised keywords for SEO.


Jaaxy Review – Why Jaaxy Keyword Research tool?

There are so many Keyword tools in the market, but what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?

I would highly recommend Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.

But, why Jaaxy Keyword Research tool??

Due to the fast changing ranking algorithm of the Top Search Engines, many Keyword tools in the market may have already been outdated.

Jaaxy, however, has the most up to date comparative data testing algorithm that utilises data from all Search Engines (not just Google) to reveal search data that is simple to understand.


Jaaxy Review – What I like about Jaaxy.

1. Solid Data and Neat Presentation

Below is the screenshot of Jaaxy Keyword Research tool for SEO.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO -2

When I input the target keyword phrase financial success and hit the Find Keywords button, the Keyword Search tool returns me a set of results with the following headers:

  • Keyword – A phrase user type in the search engines to find what they are looking for.
  • Avg – Average Monthly Searches of the Keyword from a mixture to Top Search Engine.
  • Traffic – Estimated number of potential traffic if your site is rank in the first page.
  • QSR– Quoted Search Result. The number of real competition Websites ranked in Google using the exact Keyword Phrase.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. Visual shortlisting of Keywords at one glance. Green is Good, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor.
  • SEO – A score bases on traffic and competition. (Jaaxy’s Algorithm) On a scale of 1 – 100, the higher the better.
  • Domains – Availability of Domain related to the Keyword. This is useful for people who earn money online by trading domain names.
  • Related – Keyword related to the targeted Keyword you just searched.
  • Brainstorm – A List of keywords selected from Brainstorm Tab for easy Keyword research. (I will explain a little more on this later)

I like Jaaxy because it presents the research results neatly, and comfortable visually to allow easy shortlisting of Power Keywords.

Here is another example.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO - 3

I can utilise the KQI column to zoom down to the “Green Light” Keywords immediately and select the Keywords and save it into a List for later use. This saves a lot of time for me! In addition to KQI, I will also choose a keyword with Avg > 50 and QSR < 300.


2. Alphabet Soup Tool – A Time Saver

In 2010, Google introduces Google Instant Search algorithm with the objective to save users 2-5 seconds per search.

Jaaxy Review - 4

Google will predict the most used phrase as the user is typing the targeted Keyword phrase and display in a drop-down box below the search box. Then the user can select the keyword phrase closest to what they are looking for directly without typing the full phrase.

Example, if we type in ‘a’ after car,

Jaaxy Review - 5

Immediately, we get the top 4 keyword phrases suggested to us. Google will predict the keyword phrases bases on the active number of searches for each keyword.

Let’s try ‘b’ after car,

Jaaxy Review -6

and ‘c’ now.

Jaaxy Review - 7

You can see by now, Alphabet Soup is a very effective way to find related keywords around the targeted Keyword Phrase using Google Instant.

To save time typing the search phrase alphabet by alphabet, Jaaxy provides us with an Alphabet Soup tool. It will generate a list of related keywords surrounding the alphabet “A” to “Z” sorted and presented neatly for us to choose the keywords that we like.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO - 8

The list goes on to cherry + ‘z” within the same page. When I see the keyword that I want to research more on e.g. apple cherry, I can click [Find Data] and it will bring me to the keyword search page as you see above, with “apple cherry” as my target keyword.

I can also add the keyword to my brainstorm list for later use by clicking [Add].

With this extremely useful Alphabet Soup tool, the time saved can be used to create more content with the Power Keywords found.


3. Brain Storm – Daily Idea Reservoir

Jaaxy has a Brain Storm Tab that reveals 100 fresh daily keywords that are trending in the Online World. This is the place I go to if I need inspiration for new niche ideas or when I need creativity to think out of the box.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO - 9

When there is a particular trend or topic that I am interested in I can just click the [+] sign and add it to the brainstorm queue for later keyword research use and the keyword search page. Jaaxy has made the keyword research process flow so much simple and fluid!


4. Spying Tool – Keep it to yourself.

Jaaxy allows us to take a peek at competitors website’s “background” information to know what they have been doing to acquire page ranking as seen by the following example.

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO - 10

The useful information we could see here could be the website’s Meta Description, Word Count, and numbers of Back Links. This information allows me to gauge the ranking strength of the website and how could I improve my own website.

As I say, these are just information to provide me with some clarity on ranking but I would not spend much time here peeking at each and every website.


Jaaxy Review – Cons of Jaaxy

1. Sorting of Data is not available to PRO subscription.

To allow even faster shortlisting of keywords, Enterprise subscription allows users to sort the data according to each header’s results value in ascending or descending order.

The feature is definitely needed when researching for Keywords as it gives much convenience to the user. Sadly, this feature is not offered to PRO users. To use this feature, we have to upgrade to the Enterprise subscription.

2. Pricing for Enterprise subscription is on the high side.

PRO subscription cost $19/mth or $199/yr. To upgrade to Enterprise subscription, the price jumps to $49/mth or $499/yr. To me personally, this is a huge jump and may not be so affordable to some.

I am fine sticking to the PRO subscription with a little inconvenience as mentioned above currently.

However, if you are able to afford the higher premium, Enterprise subscription also gives you faster server connections that result in faster search results.

Take a look at the Subscription comparison.



Jaxxy Review - Jaaxy Subscription Comparison

Jaaxy Subscription Comparison


Jaaxy Review – How has Jaaxy helped me?

With Jaaxy, I am doing keyword research for the best keywords to use in my articles. I want the best keywords related to my niche so that the top search engine can rank my website on the first page and attract viewership.

Jaaxy has saved me a lot of time searching for power Keywords that are useful to my niche. It gave me more time to focus on the content creations such as this review I am writing now!

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is definitely the best keyword research tool in 2017!


Jaaxy Review – Try it yourself!

My Jaaxy review here is just the tip of an iceberg. There are so much more to Jaaxy, the Best Keyword research tool for SEO. There are even training videos and support. I would rather you try it yourself and feel how Jaaxy can help you in your Online Business.

It’s FREE to try, so go ahead and click the banner below!

Jaxxy Review - Free keyword research tool for SEO


Or do a direct search for your keywords here:


Jaaxy Review – Final Verdict

Price: Trial $0 (30 Keyword Searches), Pro $19/mth $199/yr, Enterprise $49/mth $499/yr
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? I am all hands up for Jaaxy because it is the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO. I do not need complex graphs and colourful diagrams, I am interested in only solid data that is relevant to me.

Jaaxy price plan for entry level ($19/mth) is the lowest I can find for new Online Entrepreneur who is just starting out. Other Keyword Research tool could easily cost $48/mth or more just for the entry level!

If you liked this Jaaxy Review, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Thanks so much!


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