What is Site Domains – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Domains – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Domains – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Domains? Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix suite has an additional feature in 2016, Site Domains! What is Site Domains all about? Find out in this review here!

What is Site Domains? – SiteRubix Reviews

It is a great start for the new year 2016 because Wealthy Affiliate introduced a new feature for SiteRubix Site Management Suite!

Remember when I complained earlier that Wealthy Affiliate has the best in everything but one thing was still missing.

The one thing missing was I had to purchase a domain name from NameCheap and set up the DNS there to point to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting server.

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate is now a certified domain name seller too!

We could just buy a domain name from within SiteRubix’s Site Domains feature that comes with whois privacy included now! Moreover, the cost of each domain name is very competitive and affordable too! I’ll share more about the cost later in this article.

Carson had just announced this great feature today and it is just fresh from the oven. This feature is available for everyone, free* Starter members, and Premium members.

You can read his announcement here.


What is Site Domains? – Infographics

What is Site Domains - #1


What is Site Domains - #2


What is Site Domains - #3


What is Site Domains - #4


What is Site Domains - #5


What is Site Domains? – How does it work?

Simple as 1 2 3!

First just key in the domain name of you desired.

What is Site Domains - #6

E.g. I just keyed in “how to train a puppy” as my desired domain name.

Within seconds, the returned results is as follow:

What is Site Domains - #7


Click on [Add to Cart] besides the domain name that you have chosen.

What is Site Domains - #8


Click on [My Cart] and Checkout to make payment. That’s it!

What is Site Domains - #9


“Your Domain will already be setup on our servers ready for your website to be installed just a few minutes after you purchase, so you can literally get your site published and live on the NET right away. No more fumbling around with changing DNS to point at our servers either, this is all setup for you – it’s completely hassle free!” – Carson

Important: What Carson just mentioned applies to Premium Members who host their websites at Wealthy Affiliate’s own servers. 

What is Site Domains? – Pricing

Let take a look at the price comparison:

What is Site Domains - #10

Price Comparison with other Domin Name Sellers

You can see from the previous section that the price of each domain name available is written beside it. Wealthy Affiliate is using $13.99 basic as a benchmark comparison in this table.

It is clear that popular domain names will go at a slightly higher price. (starting from $13.99)

Also, the annual price is grandfathered, which means when you renew it annually, the price stays the same. No additional or hidden cost!

AWESOME! You can simply register your own domain name within the next 3 minutes! 🙂


What is Site Domains? – There is even more!

If you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camper, you’ll earn $1 credit for every domain name that your referral buys at Site Domains. And it is annual recurring!

“You will even earn $1 from every domain registration from people you refer to WA! These will also be recurring commissions so if you sell a domain now and someone keeps it next year, you will get a $1 recurring commission next year.” – Carson

This will definitely be an additional boost to your Online Passive Income!


What is Site Domains? – My Personal Take

Now you have seen the last piece of jigsaw puzzle placed together with other powerful features at Wealthy Affiliate.

I could declare that there is no other place could offer what Wealthy Affiliate offered to its members.

Setting up an Online Business has never been easier compared to a decade ago! You do not need to know any technical terms and how to code a website!

Simply join Wealthy Affiliate, follow the step by step free* Starter Course, and use its Powerful Features that are seamlessly integrated together at one place.

If you like what you just see, head over to Wealthy Affiliate University to create your FREE* Starter Member account now!

Wishing you Success!

What is Site Domains - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

2 thoughts on “What is Site Domains – SiteRubix Reviews

  1. Darleen

    Ok so we pay for the domains once we get involved, do we pay for use of any of the tools such as keyword searching and analyzing tools, web builder tools etc. I am trying to get a handle on all cost before I leap into this. I am interested but sorely lacking in additional funds.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Darleen, good day to you!
      Wealthy Affiliate offers Free* Starter Membership and Premium Membership.

      Free* Starter Membership offers 2 free siteRubix sub-domain sites and these are functional WordPress websites. However, free* starter membership has limited access to the keyword tools, community and training. So if you want to use your own domain and buy it at Site Domains, that’s is only what you are going to pay.

      However, note that you are unable to host your own domain names at Wealthy Affiliate as a free* member, you need to find your own websites host and host your websites there. So you have to pay the 3rd party host a monthly fee for hosting your websites there.

      If you choose to be a Premium Member, you have unlimited access to keyword tools, community and training. You are given 25 free SiteRubix Sub-Domain websites and you are able to host up to 25 websites with your own domain names at Wealthy Affiliate.

      The cost of Premium Membership is $47/mth. If you click here to sign up as free* member, you are able to enjoy 57% discount and pays $19 for the first month when you sign up Premium Membership within 7 days.

      So as a Premium Member and purchased a domain name from Wealthy Affiliate, your operation cost is the Premium Membership fee and the Domain Name fee. That’s all!

      You can see the details of membership and pricing here.

      Hope this helps and wishing you the best!

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