How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website? – Learn here!

How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website? – Learn here!

How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website? – Learn here!

“How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website?” many people asked me. You’ll be shock after reading this!

How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website?

Many are afraid that they need expert technical knowledge of setting up a website. Do not fear, I was a dummy to Website building. If I can do it, so can you!

In this post, I am going to share with you how to create a Website for your Affiliate Marketing Business in under 30 seconds! And it is shockingly simple and it is absolutely FREE!

There are many FREE Website providers in the Online World such as and Each has its own Pros and Cons.

I’ll zoom in to the one that I liked best because it is simple and easy to use,

You do not need to spend time to learn the fanciful User Interface like those in You’ll just focus on creating a fully functional website first and start the ball rolling.

All free websites comes with a subdomain attached. E.g. Subdomain names can be indexed and rank by all Top Search Engines too.

When you are comfortable and ready to bring your website to the next level, you can use a paid domain name and transfer your website over.

Do not worry about all these now because you are just getting started. Create a FREE Website, share your passion and start your Affiliate Marketing Business!


Let’s Begin!

You’ll have a fully functional website running after following the simple steps in this post.

#1 Choose Your Website Name

Think of a Website Name that you really liked that is related to you or your Affiliate Marketing Business. When you are ready, click the image below and head over to (Stay on this page to follow the steps)

How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website

Click image to go to

Key in your selected website name in the search box.

If your website name is available, you’ll see this:

SiteRubix Domain Available

If your website name is not available, you’ll see this:

SiteRubix Domain Not Available


Website name is unique in the Online World. It is an address where others can find you. There are no two websites with the same name that can exist. Try to choose another variation from your first one.

Click on the big blue [Build My Free Website!] button, you’ll see this:

SiteRubix Domain Hold Tight


#2 Setting up your Website

When your website is ready, you’ll see this:

SiteRubix Domain Setup

Do not change anything in [Step 1] as you are setting up a free website.

Enter a name for your website in [Step 2]. This name will appear as the Header Title of your Website. Like mine here is “What is Wealthy Affiliate University?“.

This can be modified later at any time so it is alright to enter anything now.

[Step 3] is choosing the appearance of your website (theme). This can be change at any time too. So choose a theme that you like best now.

[Step 4] When you are ready, click on the [I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!].

Voilà! You have your Affiliate Marketing Business Website!


#3 Access to your new Website

SiteRubix Domain Access

Click on SiteRubix at the left sidebar.

Select on Site Manager and click [Go].

You’ll see your website at the next page and Click on the [Log in] button.


So what now?

Starting a Website is extremely easy.

The next step is to build captivating contents to attract your visitors to your new shiny Website!

No Visitors = No Sales.

I recommend doing the FREE* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course at Wealthy Affiliate University right away.

It has detailed step by step on how to build a Successful Online Business you might not want to miss.

Learn and apply what you have learnt. This is how I get started with Online Internet Marketing Business.

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Need Help in Wealthy Affiliate University?

My profile at Wealthy Affiliate University is edtay78.

Feel free to drop me a message if you need any help.

Do not forget, you can get help from the helpful community there too!

See you inside.

Wishing you Success!






*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.


4 thoughts on “How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business Website? – Learn here!

  1. Zachary

    Wow this looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’m a little worried though… Is setting up a website hard? It looks and sounds really complicated!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Zachary, I understand how you feel, I was like you before.
      There is nothing to worry about the technicality of setting up the website if you follow the steps I provided in this post.

      However, there is another aspect of “setting up” a website, which is to create valuable and captivating contents for your visitors.
      Depending on your objective of creating a Website, it could be just to share your passion, or you intend to monetize and recommend affiliate products. This aspect of creating contents requires some time and effort.

      Do not expect visitors will visit your shiny new website right from the moment you clicked the [I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!] button as you see above. The contents you created will take time to be indexed and ranked by search engines.

      Good Read >> How to become an Online Internet Marketer?

      Head over to Wealthy Affiliate University and check out the FREE* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. You will learn how to build and set up your website right from the foundation up. You’ll be impressed!

      Feel free to ask me anything if you are unsure. Wishing you the best!

  2. Alex Norton

    Hi, I am planning to make coupons or cashback website could you provide me help on it. Can I set up my coupon or cashback site as mentioned in the guide and the site with extension .siterebux will work and does they allow to move the website to another hosting provider?

    Actually, I am new in affiliate marketing and want to make an affiliate website like coupons or cashback because I have some basic information about these affiliate marketing types and now I wanna make a website on one of them.

    Waiting for your response and thanks in advance.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Alex.

      You definitely can set up your cashback website with a subdomain site with extension siterubix. However, I would recommend you purchase a main domain so that your website can rank better in search engines as it will have more authority.

      I believe that there are many experts in cashback niche in Wealthy Affiliate’s Community. You could use the free starter account to ask your questions in the community. (You have 7 days access to the community chat as a free starter)

      Hope this helps!

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