What is Site Feedback – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Feedback – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Feedback – SiteRubix Reviews

Do you know what is Site Feedback? How Site Feedback can help improve your Website? You’ll be amazed!

What is Site Feedback – SiteRubix Reviews

Why Site Feedback is important? Many a times, when we build our website, we want to put the best of everything in it. We think that what we do is for the every good of the visitors.

But what we never thought of is from the visitors’ perspective when they visit our page. Most of the time, if they do not like what they see, they will just hit the back button or close the browser.

What if, there is a system where your visitors can provide feedback to your site and help you improve it?

You are able to know how your visitors feel from their perspective. Will you want to use it?


Site Feedback is part of SiteRubix Suite at Wealthy Affiliate University. This is a very powerful website feedback system only available for websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate University.

You have to become a FREE* Starter Member and build your website using your free siterubix.com sub domain.

Alternatively, you could host your own website domain (unlimited) at Wealthy Affiliate University as a Premium Member.


How does it work? – Offer Feedback

#Step 1

When you are in the members’ area, head over to the left hand side menu and you could see a SiteRubix Tab. Hover over the tab and you’ll see this.

What is Site Feedback - 1


#Step 2

You’ll see this after you hit the [Go] button.

What is Site Feedback - 2


#Step 3

In this system, each feedback you gave earns you 1 credit. You’ll need 2 credits to request for feedback on your own site.

In this way, the system could be self-sustaining without letting the feedback requests to be more then feedback offers.

Let’s get started and offer a feedback by clicking the [Offer Feedback] button.

What is Site Feedback - 3

The system will randomly choose a requested website of other Wealthy Affiliate University Member for your feedback.

You can enter your feedback in the space provided.


#Step 4

Do not give superficial feedback such as “Nice site, well done!”.

Take a tour at the website provided and make an effort to read and look out for areas based on the requested feedback type. (This example is [General Feedback])

Write truthful and candid feedback for the website owner to help him/her to improve. Be polite and nice to others and others will do the same to you too.

What is Site Feedback - 4


#Step 5

When you are done, click on the [Submit my Feedback] button.

What is Site Feedback - 5

There you go! You have earned 1 credit for your effort!

Do the same for another few more times to earn additional credits for your own feedback requests.


How does it work? – Request Feedback

#Step 1

After you have earned enough credits, click on the [Request Feedback] button.

What is Site Feedback - 6


#Step 2

Enter the URL that you would like feedback on at the space provided.

What is Site Feedback - 7


#Step 3

Select what kind of feedback are you looking for.

What is Site Feedback - 8


#Step 4

Click on [Preview My Request] and you’ll see this.

What is Site Feedback - 9

If you are ready, click on [Submit my Request for Feedback] and you are done!


#Step 5

Wait patiently for your feedback and remember to thank the person who gave you feedback as basic courtesy.

What is Site Feedback - 10

Power of Leverage

Now you have seen the powerful Site Feedback system where members of Wealthy Affiliate University leverage on to help one another.

This is the way how a helpful community works with one another to help others to succeed.

If you like what you just see, head over to Wealthy Affiliate University to create your FREE* Starter Member account now!

Wishing you Success!







6 thoughts on “What is Site Feedback – SiteRubix Reviews

  1. Kim

    Wow! Edmund, this is a extremely useful tool! Thank you for sharing!

    I am really puzzled why my visitors leave my website so quickly and this is definitely going to help me. With candid feedbacks, I can improve and retain my visitors. I’ll try this Site Feedback tool right away!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hey Kim, thanks for visiting again.

      Yes, this is really a very useful tool for asking feedbacks of your website within the Wealthy Affiliate University community.

      Remember, this tool is only useful if you are using the Free* website provided by Wealthy Affiliate University as a Starter Member. Or you are hosting your own domain at Wealthy Affiliate University as a Premium Member.

      If you need a hand in anything, feel free to get in touch with me at Wealthy Affiliate University.
      Wishing you Success!

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