What is Site Comments – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Comments – SiteRubix Reviews

What is Site Comments – SiteRubix Reviews

Do you know what is Site Comments? How Site Comments can help improve your Website’s Ranking and let it stays at the top? You’ll be amazed!

What is Site Comments – SiteRubix Reviews

When you post an article on your website, you are putting up contents for the top search engine to crawl your site.

The Search Engine will rank your article based on how useful the contents have related to a searched Keyword.

Many Online Internet Marketers are focusing just on low competition keywords for Search Engine Optimisation. They have forgotten that how the article has engaged visitors in the form of comments is very important too!

Each comment added is contents and Search Engines (Especially Google) like contents! With active comments, your article will have a higher probability to rank higher and stay pinned at the top.


Site Comment is part of SiteRubix Suite at Wealthy Affiliate University that helps her members to take care of the comments engagement.

This is a very powerful website comments system only available for websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate University.

You have to become a FREE* Starter Member and build your website using your free siterubix.com sub-domain.

Alternatively, you could host your own website domain (unlimited) at Wealthy Affiliate University as a Premium Member.


How does it work? – Offer Comments

#Step 1

When you are in the members’ area, head over to the left-hand side menu and you could see a SiteRubix Tab. Hover over the tab and you’ll see this.

What is Site Comments - 1


#Step 2

You’ll see this after you hit the [Go] button.

What is Site Comments - 1


#Step 3

Click on [My Settings] at the Site Comments page.

Create your Gravatar Profile so that when you comment on others website, your Gravatar will appear beside the comment you posted.

This is a way to tell the owner that the comment is real and not from spam comment bots.

What is Site Comments - 3

If you do not have a Gravatar account clicked on [Create a Gravatar Profile].

Follow the instructions at the next page and you’ll be fine after that.


#Step 4

Select your interest so that the system will select comments request based on your interest area.

You can write meaningful and engaging comments if you are interested with what the website owners write in their articles.


What is Site Comments - 4

Hit the [Save Interests] when you are done.


#Step 5

In this system, each comment you gave earns you 1 credit. You’ll need 2 credits to request for comments on your own site.

In this way, the system could be self-sustaining without letting the comment requests to be more then comment offers.

Let’s get started and offer a comment by clicking the [Offer Comments] button.

What is Site Comments - 5


The system will randomly choose a requested based on your interest areas.

You can enter your feedback in the space provided.

#Step 6

Do not give superficial comments such as follow. The system will reject your comment and request you to elaborate further.

What is Site Comments - 6

Make an effort to read the article and think of meaningful questions to ask to allow the website owner to create more contents within their reply comment post.

What is Site Comments - 7


#Step 7

When you are done, click on the [Submit my Comment] button.

The system will verify that your comment is unique and not spam before the credit can be earned.

What is Site Comments - 8

There you go! You have earned 1 credit for your effort!

Do the same for another few more times to earn additional credits for your own comment requests.


How does it work? – Request Comments

#Step 1

After you have earned enough credits, click on the [Request Comment] button.

What is Site Comments - 10


#Step 2

Select the site and the post that you would like comments on.

Click on [Preview My Request] and you’ll see this.

What is Site Comments - 11


If you are ready, click on [Submit my Request for Feedback] and you are done!


#Step 3

What is Site Comments - 12


Wait patiently for your comment and remember to thank the person when replying the comment as basic courtesy.


Power of Leverage

Now you have seen the powerful Site Comments system where members of Wealthy Affiliate University leverage on to help one another.

This is the way how a helpful community works with one another to help others to succeed.

If you like what you just see, head over to Wealthy Affiliate University to create your FREE* Starter Member account now!

Wishing you Success!








2 thoughts on “What is Site Comments – SiteRubix Reviews

  1. Kim

    Hi Edmund,
    This is another great post to introduce the latest tool from Wealthy Affiliate University.
    Site Comment is a true pay-it-forward system, I will use it to engage with visitors so that I could add more values in the contents. Thanks!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Kim, thanks for visiting and your support always!
      Yes, indeed Site Comments is a first in the Online Marketing industry and it is a true pay-it-forward system.
      Another interesting effect of this Site Comments system is that you get to read others people’s article. You may get some new inspiration for your new contents (never plagiarise, just inspiration).
      You may learn things that you have never thought of before! Most importantly, you learn how to write a good comments for others and how to reply them such that they add values to your site.
      It’s a win-win strategy!

      Wishing you the best Kim!

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