About Edmund

I am a typical guy living in Singapore, I have a typical 9 to 6 job and every day I live a typical routine of

  1. Waking up in the morning.
  2. Go to office to face the never ending work.
  3. End of the work day drained and tired.
  4. Return home, cannot rest my mind and still think about work sometimes.
  5. Spend precious time with my family.
  6. Sleep and return to point No.1 the next day.

Sound familiar to you too? Is it the similar Rat Race Routine for you even if you are not living in Singapore?

Most of us are running the wheel of Rat Race every day, living each day as it is with no goals and dream and before we know it, we get older and older as each year passes by.

Just like the little hamster of my website logo, his name is Gem Gem. He would sleep, eat and run his favourite wheel every day.

You see, we had full of dreams when we were younger but because of the daily chore, family commitment, and work commitment, our energy is drained out at the end of the day to even think of our dreams anymore.

I asked myself quietly in my mind,

  • Am I going to run this same Rat Race routine for the next 10 years?
  • How can I build a Passive Income Stream so that I can escape the rat race?
  • Can I do the things I love instead of facing the never ending work every day?
  • How can I have more time with my loved ones, especially my toddler son?


Lesson Learnt

One fine day, I came across an earning money online from home opportunity. Read the sales page on how someone can make passive income fast,

  • They can earn money by setting up websites.
  • Their online business is on “auto pilot”, earning money even while they sleep.
  • They have bank accounts with 100’s thousands.
  • They can travel and work beside a beach drinking coconut juice.

I was so excited about it and bought the product. Yes, you guessed it, I was scammed.

Product with multiple up-sells that you have to pay more money even before you can start earning money.

I was smart not to pay them more money and treat the money paid for the product as the lesson learned fee.

I did not ever want to believe in such advertisement anymore and think that making money online is not really possible.

I believe that most people out there are to con people of their hard earn money.


Genuine Help

Not until I met Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle is the owner of Wealthy Affiliate who started an Online Training Academy with his friend Carson to train new budding Online Entrepreneurs.

I felt that Kyle was really a humble person who is really sincere to help me to start thinking that we can actually build a successful online business by applying the right fundamentals combine with a right mindset.

He does not appear to me that he is trying to hard sell his courses to me and I can even try the Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1) courses first for FREE*!

I test-drove Wealthy Affiliate’s training, tool, community and never looked back since.


Mission Statements

Kyle has taught me that in all kind of Businesses, the purpose is Value Creation first, and with that in mind, Profit will eventually follow. Thus, he inspired the birth of Value Creation . Profit.

Value Creation . Profit was founded with the mission to create value by helping anyone become a Successful Wealthy Affiliate.

Value Creation . Profit will also sieve out tools that are useless (aka scam) to prevent unnecessary money thrown to feed the evil Vultures. (aka Scammer Gurus)

To become a Successful Wealthy Affiliate requires Passion, Motivation, Hard work and Perseverance. Value Creation . Profit will recommend resources that are useful in these areas too.

My main purpose is to create values for you through my blog posts. The profit portion is secondary from affiliate marketing and advertisement.



I would like to inform you that I am an Affiliate Marketer too. Some of the affiliate products I recommend will pay me a commission if I refer a buyer to them.

If you have purchased a product or service from my affiliate links, I sincerely thank you for your kind support.

Lastly, I really appreciate you visiting and spend time reading my posts.

I hope that if you have benefited from this site, you can pay-it-forward and share with your loved ones and friends what you have learned that could help or inspire them too.


Remember to say Hi!

It’s wonderful to meet you and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via Wealthy Affiliate University.

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Wishing you Happiness and Success!