Paid 2 Save Network Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Paid 2 Save Network Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Paid 2 Save Network Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Paid 2 Save Network Review – What is Paid 2 Save Network and how does it work? Can you make money with Paid 2 Save Network? Legit or Scam? Read this review now!

Paid 2 Save Network Review


Products: Travel Membership MLM

Price: $12.95/mth – Travel Club Membership, $125/mth – Travel Club Business System

Owner: David Hart (co-founder)

Suitable for: Travel fanatics who like MLM business too.

Overview: Paid 2 Save Network is a Multi-Level-Marketing company started in 2016 by co-founder David Hart. It has a “Paid 2 Save” Mobile App product which you could use to purchase travels related products with a discount.

Paid 2 Save has a 3×10 matrix compensation plan. You are allowed to give away 10 x 30 Days Free Trial membership each month for $125/mth. Can you make money with it?

Paid 2 Save Network Review – What is it all about?

Paid 2 Save Network has a main product called the Paid 2 Save Mobile App.


This is a travel discount app where you can purchase travel related products or services directly with the merchants at a discounted price.

You can download the app with a sponsor’s referral ID or you can request for a 1-time SMS to download from the website.

The Paid 2 Save Mobile App is available at both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

One you download the Paid 2 Save Mobile App, you’ll have 30 days free trial to explore and use the Travel Club Membership.

According to Paid 2 Save Network, 30 Day Free Trial allows the customers to:

  • Explore Resorts
  • Dream Their Next Trip
  • Compare Our Price to the Leading Travel Sites
  • Book A Trip, Hotel, Rental Car, Cruise, or Activities
  • Save Money Use Dining & Entertainment Discounts
  • Take full advantage of our Mobile App

If you decide that the App is useful to you and want to stay on as a customer, you’ll have to pay a fee of $12.95/mth after the 30 days trial.


Paid 2 Save Network Review – The Travel Club Business System

Besides enjoying the discount as a Travel Club member, you can join Paid 2 Save Network’s Travel Club Business System too.

What is The Travel Club Business System and how does it work?

Let’s take a look at this infograph from the Paid 2 Save Network Compensation Document.


To summarise,

  1. You join the Travel Club Business System for $125/mth.
  2. You can then give out the 30 days free trial membership to your family/friends, up to 10 per month only.
  3. If your family/friends stay on as a Travel Club member, you’ll earn a commission from them every month.
  4. If you encourage your family/friends to join the Travel Club Business System, you could build a multi-level-marketing team where you can earn commissions from your team.

There are more complicated rules to how can you earn the commission and I strongly encourage you to read the compensation plan first.

You can read the details of the Paid 2 Save Network Compensation Plan here.


Paid 2 Save Network Review – My Personal Take

Personally, I feel that Paid 2 Save App is a great way for people who like to travel to save some money when they are buying travel related products and services through the app.

The total savings could be much more than the $12.95 monthly fee they are paying!


A review from Google Play Store.

However, this still a young company and the deals may be limited. They should have more and better deals as they grow.

(Disclaimer: I am not a Paid 2 Save Network marketer, I do not receive any commission if you decide to join.)



However, I have some concerns with the Travel Club Business System as follow:

#1 Complicated Compensation Plan

Being an experienced MLM marketer before, I also know that MLM is not a simple business model as many have thought.

There is no get rich quick without effort and hard work.

Moreover, as I was reading the compensation plan by Paid 2 Save Network, it was really confusing with all the different kind of rules and compensation amount.

I would recommend you speak with your sponsor regarding the compensation plan in details to fully understand them.

Read the Terms and Conditions too.

#2 Recruitment

You have to build your team from scratch with minimal or no support available.

You have to ask yourself these questions,

  1. How do you market Paid 2 Save Network?
  2. Who is your potential customer you can recruit?
  3. Are you going to make cold calls to strangers or “SPAM” your social account?
  4. Do you want to build a website that promotes Paid 2 Save Network that generates viewerships?
  5. How to encourage your member to sell Paid 2 Save Network?
  6. How to motivate your members to stay active so that you can qualify for commissions?
  7. Who do you go to when you are stuck or feeling down?
  8. Is your sponsor there to guide and help you?
#3 Potential Pyramid Scheme

If everyone is focused on the “Business System”, then recruitment will be the main driving force behind this company.

This means that most of the members will rather build their MLM team even though they are not using the Paid 2 Save App.

The Paid 2 Save App is just like a mask, covering the Pyramid Scheme behind it.

When no one wants to join the team anymore, the Pyramid will crash. The people on top of the pyramid made money and the people at the bottom of the pyramid will lose money.

Therefore, I urge you to consider this business opportunity carefully before investing $125/mth.


Paid 2 Save Network Review – Passive Income Alternative

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Paid 2 Save Network Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

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I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Paid 2 Save Network Review – Final Verdict

Paid 2 Save Network
Owner: Michael T. Glaspie (CEO, founder)
Overall Rating:

I rated Paid 2 Save Network 2.0 stars because I think the Paid 2 Save App could be a very useful app for travel fanatics.

The total amount of discounts a travel fanatic get from the deals could far outweigh the $12.95 monthly fee you pay.

However, this is a very new company and the Paid 2 Save App’s deals/services could still be limited.

Paid 2 Save Network could lean towards the Pyramid Scheme if every member uses the Paid 2 Save App as a mask to recruit. We all know that many people will suffer when a Pyramid Scheme crashes out.

Wishing you the best!

Paid 2 Save Network Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

4 thoughts on “Paid 2 Save Network Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

  1. Kim

    Hi, Edmund.

    Thank you for this detailed review of Paid 2 Save Network. I understand much better about it now and I can see that the Paid 2 Save app could be very useful for anyone who likes to travel. The monthly fee is quite affordable too and the discounts could cover more than the fee itself.

    Regarding the “business” model behind it, I am not so sure about it. Guess I’ll be just using the app for the discounts.

    Great Review! Thanks, Edmund!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Kim.

      Yes, you are right. Using the Paid 2 Save app could let you get some discounts that outweigh the monthly fee if you use it often.
      The “business” model behind may not be suitable for everyone, thus it is important to read the compensation plan and terms carefully before you join. Afterall MLM business is never a “Get Rich Quick” business.

      Wishing you the best!

  2. Quark

    I was involved in P2S. They changed the comp plan in mid-stream and a whole lot of people got screwed out of earnings and left the company.

    The app used to be for purchasing from local merchants and big box retailers. For every local merchant, you got on the app you would receive 10% of every customer purchase. Then they decided to quit monetizing the app and well that ended that. On big box retailers, you would only make a penny every time someone opened up a deal. So now they are basically a travel company.

    You can find similar deals all over the internet without paying a monthly fee. Paid2save it your typical Pay-To-Play Pyramid Scheme. It is ALL about recruiting and NOT product/service. I know I was at all their meetings and conferences. The entire theme was to recruit, recruit, recruit. IMO it should be reported to the FTC

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Quark!

      My friend, you have just helped many many innocents people who want to make money Online honestly, avoid this Paid 2 Save Network!

      Thank you for sharing the insider details with us here!

      Wishing you the best!

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