How to be Successful with Online Business? – My personal Experience

How to be Successful with Online Business? – My personal Experience

How to be Successful with Online Business? – My personal Experience

Good Online Business idea does not come by easily. If you have one, how to ensure that you can make it a successful one? Read this.

How to be Successful with Online Business?

Hi there, Edmund here.

More often than not, new budding Online Entrepreneurs would ask me how can they be successful with their Online Business.

With the promises of many Make Money Online scams that advocate money comes quick and fast. I understand that they are eager to be successful and achieve their dreams of financial freedom.

I was like them before! Going through the whole process of starting an Online Business from scratch and finally see my first Online Passive Income, I also understand that Success does not come easy from my personal experience.

Not wanting to put out the fire in them, I would reply them with a simple answer.

“You’ll need 4 Core Elements and 3 Important Mindsets.”


How to be Successful with Online Business? – 4 Core Elements

I build my first website with the 4 Core Elements closely around me. No matter how busy I am, I would make some time to associate with them daily.

Let me share with you what are these 4 Core Elements where to find them.

#1 Training

The Online World is a fast changing world, it evolves so quickly.

Many Online Entrepreneurs are chasing after the new technologies to build the most interactive and responsive websites. They are chasing after Search Engine’s new algorithms to put their businesses on the first page of search results so that you can see it.

However, many new budding Online Entrepreneurs are fearful that they have totally zero knowledge on these. They are simply lost from the start!

You’ll need a place that could allow you to learn the fundamentals of building a website step by step. Casting away the fear of the technicality and be guided by experienced experts.

As you grow to become more comfortable with the fundamentals, you take another step out of your comfort zone and move on to the next level.


#2 Community

To be successful Online, you have to surround yourself with people who has already achieved success.

You’ll have to find a community of like-minded Online Entrepreneurs to associate with. All Successful people do not achieve success overnight. They have been through many failures and pitfalls before they achieve their dream and goals.

In the community, you can tap on their experience of failures and get advice from them how to avoid the same mistakes. You can get tips from them so that you can move on to the next level faster.

Most importantly, the positive energy you get from the association would keep you motivated throughout your journey.



You have to use the right tools to mine the Golds. Similarly, you’ll need the right tools to mine your Online Success.

Not every tool is useful to your needs. Some tools will speed you up, some tools will slow you down. So you’ll have to find the best tool that suits you.

For example, doing keyword research and analysis is one of the important steps of Online Business building. There are so many tools out there just for this purpose. Use the right one will save you a lot of time, use the wrong one will give you a lot of headache.


#Online Business website hosting.

An Online Business Website is the showroom to your product or service. You need to place your website at a host so that you could have an address. With this address, your visitors can find you Online and see your product or service.

With your website up and running, you would want your customer to comment on your products and review them. Or even you’ll ask them for feedback on your website so that you can improve their using experience.

You’ll need to find a website host with a system to help you with the comments and feedback.


So, where can I find all these, Edmund?

Yes, I know you’ll be eager to know where to find all these too.

In fact, you can find all these at Wealthy Affiliate, the university of Online Internet Marketing Business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University


But Edmund, I do not see the Website Hosting in the picture above.

Yes, good observation.

Website Hosting is under the Website Builders in the Tools category.

You can refer to my detail break down of the 4 Core Elements.


How to be Successful with Online Business? – 3 Important mindsets

Let’s move on to the software of successful Online Business.

It is important that we have the 4 Core Elements, it is more important that we have the 3 Important mindsets.

The 3 Important mindsets is the motivational force that will keep pushing you towards your end Goal!

#1 Take Action and Kill Procrastination!

The Child, who dreamt of becoming a Superman, took a blanket tied over his neck and it became a cape. He became Superman.

The Young man, who dreamt of starting a business to change the world, worked from his dorm, dropped college and started Facebook.

The State men, who dreamt to get an Island of poor people out from the third world to the first world, built Singapore to become one of the first world countries in less than 50 years.

What is common among these people?

They took action and work towards their dream. In fact, all successful people did so!

Are you going to tell yourself, “Its ok, I can do it later.” again and again?


#2 Commitments

You’ll need commitments to be Successful Online.

Online Business is just like any Offline Business. The interesting thing is that for Online Business, the capital to start up is too little compared to Offline Business.

Offline Business requires large start up capitals for Rents, Renovations, and Inventories. The pain of failing an Online Business is way too much little compare to the pain of failing an Offline Business.

Thus, many would give up on Online Business easily when they could not see the result fast, due to unrealistic expectations.


#3 Grit

The most powerful mindset is Grit.

Grit is the power and will to persist even you face stumbling blocks towards your Success! If you ask every Successful Entrepreneur to tell you one secret to their Success, I am sure that most of them will tell you are Grit.


How to be Successful with Online Business? – Are you serious about it?

Now that you know the 4 Core Elements and 3 Important Mindsets to be successful with Online Business, what are you going to do with it?

If you are really serious about changing your life and achieving your Online Success,  check out my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate!


Wishing You Success!







6 thoughts on “How to be Successful with Online Business? – My personal Experience

  1. Rabbit

    Hello! This is such a wonderfully encouraging article about the online marketing business! you have a very fun and colorful way of explaining things, it’s very engaging and exciting to read! (And the video is wondeful! Such a lovely message…)

    I agree with everything you said here, especially about a strong mindset being important in this business. Too often people fall into the trap of procrastination (it’s so easy on the net!) and lose sight of their goal. You make a lot of good points about how to succeed in this market, keep up the great work and thanks for an encouraging article : )


    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Rabbit, you are most welcome and thank you for your comment too. I am really glad that you liked this post. I hope this post will create values for my visitors and motivate them too! Wishing you the best!

  2. Andreas S

    Great article you have written here. The steps you are discussing are so easy to do that anyone can do it, even with no previous computer skills. And with help from the WA community it’s almost difficult not to succeed. 🙂 The key is to never give up, take the time needed and don’t believe in unrealistically quick results.

    Keep up the work on your nice site.


    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Andreas, thank you for your kind comment! Yes, the steps are simple however it takes lots of hard work and commitments to succeed. Wishing you the best too!

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