8 to be Great! – Richard St John

8 to be Great! – Richard St John

8 to be Great! – Richard St John

Do you know the “8 to be Great”? Do you want to know how to achieve success in Business or even in Life? You must read this!

Richard St John, the author of the bestselling book “8 to be Great” had given a motivational talk at TED in 2009. This was the second TED speech by Richard St John. It is yet again very inspiring!

>>You can see his first TED speech Here

Yoo can watch the video below, but I am going to share with you his bestselling book, “8 to be Great” first.

8 to be Great

8 to be great

Quotes from “8 to be Great” book:

#1 Passion – Successful people love what they do.

#2 Work – They work very hard.

#3 Focus – They focus on one thing, not everything.

#4 Push – They keep pushing themselves.

#5 Ideas – They come up with good ideas.

#6 Improve – They keep improving themselves and what they do.

#7 Serve – They serve others something of value.

#8 Persist – They persist through time, failure and adversity.

In this book, Richard St John defines the 8 traits successful people have in common.

It is really a must read book because Richard St John had painstakingly interviewed 500 Very Important Successful People over 10 years!

He had to overcome many difficulties, including breaking away from his shyness to approach those Successful People.

He had meticulously organized tons of information he gathered, into this easy to read book.

You’ll definitely benefit from this Awesome book!

>You can preview the book and read the reviews here.


Watch Richard St John shares with us his own experiences of 8 to be Great:

Bio Excerpt from TED – Richard St John

Richard St. John - 8 to be greatRichard St. John was on his way to the TED conference when a girl on the plane asked him, “What really leads to success?” Even though he had achieved some success, he couldn’t explain how he did it. So he spent the next ten years researching success and asking over 500 extraordinarily successful people in many fields what helped them succeed. After analyzing, sorting, and correlating millions of words of research, and building one of the most organized databases on the subject of success, he discovered “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common” and wrote the bestseller 8 To Be Great .



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    The 8 to be Great diagram, Supporting Quotes and Richard St John’s Book and Video are all very relevant and informative to the success of any business.
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