How to Grow Online Traffic – Free E-book

How to Grow Online Traffic – Free E-book

How to Grow Online Traffic – Free E-book

How to Grow Online Traffic? I am going to share with you a Free E-book on How to Grow Online Traffic. Where to download it for Free?

How to Grow Online Traffic?

Daily Post Free E Book


Website: Daily Post

Product: Self-help e-book

Price: Free

Owner: The Editors, WordPress

Suitable for: Novice


Overview: This informative Free E-book is a labour of love from the editors at It contains the wealth of tips and advises on how to grow your online traffic and get your online business noticed by the public and draw new audiences.

How to Grow Online traffic, build your blog review by Edmund

This book consist of 7 main topics as follow:

How to grow Online traffic #1 – Traffic 101: Understand your blog’s performance

Under this topic, the editors listed down a checklist of 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts when writing a blog. As they mentioned that no list of advice can guarantee any success, but it is important to know the critical elements from the start.

Next, the editors bring you to understand the meaning of your blog’s stats and the ability to see into the minds of your readers and shape your blog accordingly.

The editors also mentioned the common myths and the actual fact of SEO. This chapter is pretty interesting to read.


How to grow Online Traffic #2 – Making your content audience-ready

In topic #2, the editors share about good content strategy. They will teach you how to shape and present your content in ways that’ll help you find and keep loyal visitors/audience such as,

  • Draw visitors in with great post titles
  • Get Organised with an Editorial Calendar
  • Driving Traffic to your Archives
  • Create anticipation with serial posts


How to grow Online Traffic #3 –  Leaning into the community

In this topic, the editors talk about leveraging on the community. You will discover tools and features within WordPress that let you connect with other bloggers easily and quickly.


How to grow Online Traffic #4 – Cast a wide social net

In topic #4, the editors will share with you, strategies to promote your blog/online business across your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


How to grow Online Traffic #5 – Expanding your blog’s reach across platforms

In topic #5, the editors will show you how to use your blog as the hub for your online presence across platforms such as Tumble, Instagram, and Pinterest.


How to grow Online Traffic #6 – The art and craft of branding

In topic #6, the editors talk about the approach of becoming a blogging pro by creating and maintaining a cohesive, consistent blogging brand.


How to grow Online Traffic #7 – Encore: Blogging pros who’ve cracked the code

In the final topic, the editors will share with you two case studies which are quite an eye opener for a new blogger.


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Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog
The Editors, WordPress
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This e-book is for users who are building their Websites/Blogs using WordPress. The information is very useful for website owners or blogger who are facing traffic issues.

Hope you liked my brief review of the e-book.

Head down to the website to download the e-book now to read what I have just described in more details.

Click here to download the Free E-book.

I would highly recommend you to implement the points that you find useful.

“Knowledge is power, Applied knowledge is Wisdom.”

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  1. Sarah

    Hey Edmund,
    thanks for sharing a helpful and free ebook. Your review just made me want to check it out. I am currently trying to expand my traffic myself and reach out into other networks, so having some advice from the people at wordpress, which I use, is a great tool!

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