Escaping Rat Race – What is your motivation?

Escaping Rat Race

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I do believe that you are at this page because you are looking for ways to escape the Rat Race just like me. (You can read more about me HERE.)

Everyone of us has dreams, but because of daily chore, family commitment and work commitment, our energy is drained out at the end of every day to even think of our dreams and purpose in life.

Most of us are running the wheel of Rat Race everyday, living each day as it is with no goals and dream and before we know it, we get older and older as each years passes by.

Are you feeling the same too?

There are many ways to escape the Rat Race, but the methods and tools are just “How?”. Most importantly, do you know “Why?”. What is your motivation to getting out of Rat Race?

Lets begin this journey by asking ourselves “Why?”.

Escaping Rat Race? Why?

Financially Free

Given a Choice,

1. Would you want to live a lifestyle the way you want it to be and need not worry about money?

2. Would you want to be able to spend more time with your loved one, instead of burying your head in the never-ending time-consuming job?

3. Would you want to be debt free?

4. Would you want to know how to build a secondary recurring income stream online to counter Job insecurity?

5. Would you want to build a legacy and leave it behind for your children?

If your answers to all above questions are YES, read on.

So, what are the ways to escape the Rat Race?

Rat Race Cage

There are many ways to get out of the Rat Race and be financially independent, you could be an investor in Property or Stocks, and you could be running a business the traditional way. But many of us are struggling to get on day by day; chances are we do not have the spare cash for investment or even layout a capital upfront to start a business.

With the invention of Internet, new business models began to evolve. Each year, millions of people are making money online and many have become financially independent. Many businesses need not be present at a physical location anymore (Zero Rental cost). E.g. Many Qoo10 sellers set up the online stores to sell products right from their home! All they need is a PC with Internet connection and inventory supplies.

Some people make money online recommending products that other people are selling. E.g. Amazon Affiliate. The seller need only to direct the customer to purchase a product at Amazon, and commission could be earned if the customer paid for the product (Zero Inventory cost). Amazon will follow up all after sales support. (Zero Manpower cost).

Yet, some people are doing reviews of a product and get paid by the company that made the product. There are tons of companies out there who want people to help them to spread the words to the billion Internet users each day.

You can see how people are making money online from Home or during their spare time even they have a day job. Each unique individual is working towards their Financial Independence.

Do you mind Additional Income of $100’s – $1000’s per month?

The best thing about Online Business is that you can do it at your spare time. If you are holding a day job, you need not jump the ship and quit right away.  You can build your secondary income stream at your own pace and effort.Road to Success

One fine day, if your Online Business is generating consistent and recurring earning is much more than your day job, you have the choice then to focus your online business full time.

There is no get rich quick scheme unless you strike the lottery jackpot. Every Successful person in this world shares a common trait. They work hard and persevere towards their Goals.

Success is not an overnight event, but a long process of hard work, tasting of failure, fine-tuning, persistence and finally SUCCESS.

Well, do you want to know the #1 Secret to Making Money Online?

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