Successful Wealthy Affiliate – The 4 Steps

Successful Wealthy Affiliate – The 4 Steps

Successful Wealthy Affiliate – The 4 Steps

Getting Started to become a Successful Wealthy Affiliate requires 4 Steps.

4 Steps to becoming a Successful Wealthy Affiliate.

Successful Wealthy Affiliate - 4-steps-to-build-an-online-business

Step 1: Choose an Interest – Share Your Passion

Successful Wealthy Affiliate - passion

Every one of us can use the Internet to make money because everyone of us has an Interest/Passion of some sort. You can share your Interest/Passion with the world through a Website and at the same time making money in the process. Killing two birds with one stone! When you are passionate about your business, you are already a quarter way to your success!


Step 2: Build a Website – Create Value

A Website is the foundation of an Online Business; it is the showroom of your business. It is like setting up a traditional business where you rent a place to showcase your products and sell to your customers. It is also a place where you build a good relationship with your customers.

Building a website is very easy nowadays using WordPress Editing tool. As many developers have built many plug-in widgets for use with WordPress, there is no need of technical html coding knowledge.

Watch Video: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds.


Successful Wealthy Affiliate - Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds


Your passion or interest will naturally become the product in your Website. Because by sharing your passion or interest, you are naturally creating valuable contents that people want to know.

Contents could be in text, video, audio, the comments/dialogs that are happening at your Website. When you have quality contents, the customer will come knocking on your door!


Step 3: Attract Visitors – Create Traffic

Successful Wealthy Affiliate - Human Traffic

Using the traditional business example again, when you set up a store, will you look out for locations of the store that has a lot of human traffic? Of course! With more human traffic, the opportunity for walk-in customers is definitely higher!

Similar concept for your online business, you want human traffic to come to your website. When you have human traffic, you can sell products that you produce. You can recommend products related to your passion or interest and receive a commission. (Amazon Affiliate). You can sell advertisement (Google AdSense) and many other ways to monetize your Website.

What you need is a proper training courses and videos on how to use the tools and build your website that will rank high in Google, Yahoo, Bing effectively right from the fundamental. Because, when your website is ranked high by the 3 Web Search Giants, your website is going to appear on the first page of search results.


Step 4: Earn Revenue – Profit

Successful Wealthy Affiliate - Profit

When your Online Business is listed on the first page of the search results, you will have more visitors and eventually they may become your valued Customers.

As the recurring income grows from your Online Business, You will be moving closer and closer to escape the Rat Race!



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2 thoughts on “Successful Wealthy Affiliate – The 4 Steps

  1. kim

    Hi Edmund,

    Thanks for sharing the 4 steps to become a Successful Wealthy Affiliate.
    The 4 steps seems simple enough for anyone to get started.

    I’ll check out your #1 secret. 🙂

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Kim, thanks for your comment!

      Yup, you’ll just need this basic 4 steps to getting started.
      However, do note that step 3 requires effort and patience to bring your website to the first page of Search Engine’s first-page ranking. You’ll need proper guidance to do that.

      Learn from Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Secret, put in your due diligence and I am sure you’ll become a Successful Wealthy Affiliate!

      Wishing you the best!

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