Zyndio Review – Is ZynTravel Legitimate or Scam?!?

Zyndio Review – Is ZynTravel Legitimate or Scam?!?

Zyndio Review – Is ZynTravel Legitimate or Scam?!?

Zyndio Review – What is ZynTravel and how does it work? Can you make money with Zyndio? Legit or Scam? Read this Zyndio review.

Zyndio Review

Website: zyndio.com

Products: Travel MLM

Price: $49.99 – Silver, $199.99 – Gold, $499.99 – Platinum

(All Membership requires One-time $19.99 Setup Fee & $14.99 Monthly Fee)

Owner: Anthony Powell

Suitable for: MLM Marketers

Overview: Zyndio is a Travel Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells Travel Memberships. Travel Memberships allows you to book tours at a discount.

Focus on Recruitment as compensation plans for recruiting is way much higher than commissions from travel package sales on ZynTravel Platform. That’s how MLM works anyway.

Zyndio Review – Bad reviews everywhere!

While doing research on Zyndio, I realized that although Zyndio is quite new in the Travel MLM Market, it has already earned a bad reputation from the Online MLM community.

The reason is due to the owner’s (Anthony Powell) bad reputations when he was involved in previous MLM companies like HerbalLife and Vemma.

“Anthony Powell is best-known in MLM for his time in Herbalife.

It is believed Powell’s primary Herbalife income was generated through selling leads to recruited affiliates in his downline.

This focus on recruitment and selling of leads to recruits saw Powell mentioned in numerous FTC complaints against Herbalife. [read more]” – behindmlm.com

Not a very good start isn’t it?


Zyndio Review – How much does it cost?

Let’s look how the membership package of Zyndio first. This diagram is extracted on the date of this review.

Zyndio Review - Cost


The price has since changed too. The following was Sep 2015 pricing.

  • Silver  – $69.98– $75 Travel Credit, Customer Travel Comms – 25%
  • Gold – $219.98 – $300 Travel Credit, Customer Travel Comms – 50%
  • Platinum – $469.98 – $750 Travel Credit, Customer Travel Comms – 100%

There was no one-time setup fee and the monthly fee was just $12.99.

In Feb 2016, have the Silver and Gold Memberships became cheaper?

Not really, if you add the one-time setup fee of $19.99 to the cost, it works out the same of around $70 for Silver and $220 for Gold.

However, the Platinum Membership has become more expensive!

And the Customer Travel Commissions was flattened out to just 25% for all membership types.


Zyndio Review – How does it work?

Zyndio Review - ZynTrvelZyndio has a travel products related platform called ZynTravel.

Whenever your downlines bought a travel related product through the platform, you’ll earn the Customer Travel Commissions mentioned above.

At Zyndio’s home page, there was no mention of how the Customer Travel Commission work or any Terms and Conditions. (This is dodgy and not being clear upfront!)

Fortunately, there are many comprehensive reviews out there that talk about Zyndio’s Customer Travel Commission plan.

“Please realize that these commission percentages are not calculated on the price paid at the time of booking, but the commission paid to Zyndio (Zyntravel) by third-party travel companies the booking was made with…

In other words, it’s a percentage of a percentage…” – hotmlmcompanies.com


And just like any MLM, Zyndio has it own recruitment compensation plan too, let Jesse Singh from hotmlmcompanies.com tells you more.

“ZynTravel members also get paid to recruit new affiliates down two levels (Unilevel).

The amount of commissions earned here depends on what level the member came in with.” [readmore]

Well, all MLM recruitment compensations work roughly the same.

You bring in people as your downlines, and your downlines bring in their own downlines and your tap on the commissions of different levels below you.


Zyndio Review – My Personal Take

Being an experienced MLM marketer before, I think Zyndio is not a scam as it offers Travel Related discounts to its members.

There are physical products that could be used here.

BUT, before you join Zyndio, ask yourself, how often do you travel and do you need ZynTravel’s discounts so often that the monthly fees you are paying are worth it?

If you join Zyndio with the objective to earn from the recruitment commission, think carefully whether you are able to recruit new members under you.

MLM is not a simple business model as many have thought.

Even if you manage to recruit a downline, how often will they use ZynTravel’s service so that you can earn a commission?

Will you “earnestly” ask your downline to try to recruit new members like you, in order to earn the higher payout recruitment commission?

How to “encourage” your downline to keep their membership for a long term?

You get the picture now?

If everyone’s intention is to recruit to earn money, then ZynTravel’s products or services are secondary or of no use at all.

ZynTravel is just a mask of a Pyramid Scheme. Do you agree?

Given the owner, Anthony Powell’s reputation, I would fear that if things do not work out for him, he’ll default again.


Zyndio Review – Make Money Online Alternative

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Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

Zyndio Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

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You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership in the next few minutes!

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Zyndio Review – Final Verdict

Anthony Powell
Overall Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

I rated Zyndio 1.0 stars because I believe it provides legitimate travel discount offers.

However, Zyndio’s credibility is really a concern for me due to its owner’s reputation.

Zyndio has the potential to become a Pyramid Scheme if its members’ intention are just to recruit to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate is still the best place I would recommend to learning how to make money Online with Affiliate Marketing!

My profile is edtay78. If you need a hand with anything, you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing you the best!

Zyndio Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

18 thoughts on “Zyndio Review – Is ZynTravel Legitimate or Scam?!?

  1. jazzy323

    Hi Edmund.

    Wow, this is a great review of Zyndio and you have let me understand better about ZynTravel too!

    I wanted to know if you have actually tried this multi-level-marketing scam yourself, or is the review based on other reviews that you have read?

    Just wondered as you write very well. Keep up the great reviews!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Jazzy. Thanks for your comment and question!

      I wrote this review based on my detail research of Zyndio and also based on my own experience as a multi-level-marketing marketer before.

      I also believe that it is important for me to share relevant and great reviews from others who have experiences with the Zyndio. It is beneficial for my readers to have unbias views too. 🙂

      Wishing you the best!

      1. Ryan Welsch

        It is obvious that this is a biased review. The author is just using the Zyndio name to drive people to the business he is involved with. How low can you go? This review is only partially accurate, and very misleading.

        How can you possibly give a review of a company without experiencing it yourself? If you were looking at colleges to see which one you should attend, would you value the opinion of the guy that researched the college online or a guy that graduated from that college? Accurate facts: not a scam, legitimate business, Anthony Powell was with HerbalLife and Vemma where he was a top earner and helped others to become millionaires.

        He left because he knew he could create a company that would better serve his team (anyone that joins Zyndio). How can you make a judgment on cost when you do not discuss the value? This company is evolving its products every day. If you really want to know about Zyndio you need to experience it for yourself. The experience can not be described in words.

        1. Edmund Post author

          It is obvious that you did not even try to understand from my perspective in this review but just like any “brainwashed” MLM marketers who act so defensively when anyone says MLM is bad. Cool down and see the world from others perspective, will you?

          I mentioned earlier, what I want to share here is that MLM business may work for some and not for others. It really depends on each individual. In my post, I also mentioned that Zyndio Travel does provide legitimate discounts for avid travellers and this may be a good selling point for you to recruit your downlines. At the end of the research review, I am merely offering an alternative business model to people who finds MLM is not for them. Again, it is my reader’s choice.

          I involved with an MLM company for almost 3 years and I saw everything I could see. How MLM works – positive spirit, team dynamics, and togetherness. How MLM did not work – hard selling tactics, office politics, management conflicts resulting in an exodus of the entire team under an outcasted leader to a new company, etc. (Sounds familiar?) All MLM companies work with the same principle, product distribution and recruitment of downlines to build a team and the potential of massive recurring income. They sell you dreams so that you will sell the same dreams to your friends and relatives.

          I agree, there are genuine people who really want to help others to succeed. However, there are also people who just want to make money by hook or by crook. Touch your heart and tell us honestly you are helping people or you are just recruiting to make your pocket fatter? Do you even care for your downlines who are struggling or you are just focusing on your “star” downline who can bring in sales and recruitment?

          As a graduate of a college, if you had been through the hard work and experience the ups and downs to earn a qualification, will you attend a similar college again to earn the same qualification? Perhaps their teaching method differs but you already know what you should know right?

          There are already enough discussions about Anthony Powell at behindmlm.com. I will not discuss more about this here. You can join the discussion there if you want.

          Yes, I agree with you too. You need to experience it for yourself because if you never try it, you’ll never know. If you do feel that MLM is not right for you, there is always alternative to earn a passive income without causing souring relationships with a few good friends or your loved ones.

          I sincerely wish you great success!

          (Note: I will end our discussion here and not post any reply from you anymore.)

  2. Mercy de guzman

    Hi Edmund
    Have you really saw the compensation plan. Yes indeed we don’t really travel much but the bonuses they give us every cycle is a form earning for our family as well as for our dream travel.. Our main concern why i joined the company is to have time freedom enjoy my family while i am earning… Dig more into the compensation plan.. APs` life is an open book.. He didn’t hide anything. Tell me your life for sure you will not tell everything. Of course you will promote your company here but be fair enough.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Mercy.

      Yes, I read about the compensation plan from other reviews like hotmlmcompanies.com I mentioned in the article. You could read the comment thread there too.

      What I want to share here is that MLM business may work for some and not for others. It really depends on each individual.
      Zyndio Travel does provide legitimate discounts for avid travellers and this may be a good selling point for you to recruit your downlines.

      Perhaps you could share with us more how you retain your downline so that they continue to pay the membership fee even if they don’t travel much?
      Are you selling your dream of time freedom and dream travel to them so that they could recruit their family and friends too?
      Isn’t this is how MLM works?

      AP is a well-known figure in the MLM world, thus, he cannot hide from public scrutiny. People from the MLM industry knows what happened to his life.
      As an ordinary individual, I would definitely want to know more about the leadership of a big company before I join. Wouldn’t you too?

      At the end of the research review, I am offering an alternative business model to people who finds MLM is not for them. Again, it is my reader’s choice.
      It is fair as I did not force anyone to buy anything here.

      I appreciate your time for sharing your dreams and goals of your life here and I believe Zyndio’s MLM model could work for you if you are clear about what you want to achieve.

      I sincerely wishing you the best in your Zyndio business!

  3. Kim

    Hi, Edmund.

    Thanks for sharing your research and thought in this Zyndio Review!

    I get to know about this product more now and I agree with you the MLM is not suitable for anyone. It really depends on each individual. Having said that, the turnover rate in the MLM industry is quite high because many do not see the income they have expected.

    A good article.

  4. Nigel

    Hi Edmund,

    Why is it that the same old names always pop up? Anthony Powell, I have heard about his reputation. Sometimes you don’t know if people fail and keep trying until they succeed, or if they are really out to scam others.

    I know you say this is not a scam but I would be cautious. Do you know if he has any other current ventures that are successful or try to actually help people?

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Nigel.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I guess Anthony Powell is really trying to make this Zyndio work by helping people to get discounts on travel related products or services.

      The fact that it is an MLM related, people joining this network might have an objective to recruit to earn higher commission despite they are not using the travel services as often as they would like too.

      Anyway, this is how MLM works. I would think that many people would give up when they do not see the long term benefits or their expected earnings.

      Wishing you the best!

    2. Frank Vigil

      Great Review. I was thinking about joining the company. I don’t know anymore if the whole purpose is just recruiting. That is a difficult task.

      1. Edmund Post author

        Hi, Frank.

        Yes, if you just focus on commissions from recruitment, then the whole purpose for you is just recruiting. You are walking a thin line between a legitimate business and a pyramid scheme.

        Wishing you the best!

  5. JN

    Hi, I’m just very upset with ZynTravel which I had signed up as a Platinium member to support my friend. I read through their model and thought it’s something worth trying.

    However, I do not travel often and after reading several articles about Anthony Powell and their terms & disclaimer on their website (if you did read all of that), my faith started to waiver.

    I decided to back out within the “15 days money back guarantee” policy. Their customer service did revert on the refund process – that was since 22 July 2016. Today is already 19 Aug 2016 and I still had not gotten any money back yet.

    Several chasers went out to them but no reply. The last came on 13 Aug claiming that my refund needs Anthony’s approval so it will be still pending.

    Wow, the founder/CEO has to approve my refund? This already shows how small their operation is. And their money-back guarantee is nothing but a ruse.

    What’s surprising is that my card company informed me that the money was only released about 22 Jul which is around the time when I sent the cancellation request!

    There are several suspicious movements in the company name that make me all the warier… hope someone can enlighten me on this :

    ZynTravel is just a brand name. In their disclaimer, they mentioned Zyndio Holdings, LLC.

    Registered address found is Zyndio Holdings, LLC, 15333 N. Pima Rd., Ste 260, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    Upon checking online, the company registered with the above address is Zyndio Health Sciences LLC (different name again). And that location houses several other companies and offices, thus letting me believe that their team isn’t that big as they claimed to be.

    And the merchant name on my credit card details is Zyndiot. And they are going to charge my card on a monthly basis on the subscription if the initial cancellation is not processed as they claimed so.

    I just hope someone here can help me get my money back.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, JN.

      I understand how you are feeling now.

      You mentioned you signed up as Platinium Member to support a friend. Have you tried asking your friend to help you expedite the refund request to Anthony?

      I would recommend you to ask your bank to reject future transactions from Zyndiot to be safe. If all else failed, perhaps you could ask your friend to refund his/her commission to you to minimize your losses.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with ZynTravel with us here. I really hope everything works out well for you, especially your friendship with your friend.

    2. Ryan Welsch

      You are a perfect example why MLM get a bad name. You were obviously looking for reasons it would not work. You will always find what you are looking for, no matter what you are looking at. To top it off bad news spreads faster than good news. All the people that actually are doing the business are busy helping others enjoy the product. Unless you change your thought process you will never be successful. Sounds like a 9 to 5 job is more your speed.

      1. Edmund Post author

        Ryan, you are a perfect example why MLM get a bad name!

        JN is in distress now when she realised that MLM may not be suitable for her and exercise her rights during the 15 days money back guarantee period. She was merely convinced by her friend and wanted to support her friend. This is a very common way of MLM Marketers selling to friends and relative by asking for their support.

        Instead of assuring her that she will get her refund back (I believe you must with Zyndio to be so defensive), you are taunting her to change her thought process and mock her that 9 to 5 job is more suitable for her! How low can you go?

        Hey! Even if Zyndio works wonders like you mentioned, I will not want to join under a selfish and insensitive sponsor/leader like you.

        (Note: I will end our discussion here and not post any reply from you anymore.)

  6. Justin

    Hi, Edmund.

    I like your blog post. I am not much sure if Zyndio still works properly,however, there’s a new program with much more bonuses than Zyndio and now it’s still in pre-launch. [Program link removed].

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Justin.

      I appreciate that you recommend a new program to us here. I will check it out and perhaps review it in the near future.

      Wishing you the best!

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