Internet Empire Mastery Review –

Internet Empire Mastery Review –

Internet Empire Mastery Review –

Internet Empire Mastery Review – Promotional Headline by Wealth Mastery Singapore for their proprietary Internet Empire Mastery Seminar. Let’s look at what is offered in this Internet Empire Mastery Review.

Internet Empire Mastery Review


Product: Seminar

Price: Introductory Seminar (2 hours) – Free, Actual Seminar (Friday night 3 hours, 7pm to 10pm + Weekend 2 days, 9am-6pm) – $1997 if you sign on the spot at the Introductory Seminar, $2997 if you sign after the Introductory Seminar

Owner: Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin

Suitable for: Novice

Overview: Teaches proven 5-step system that help Beginners to start an Online Business. Students who attend the Seminar feedback that lessons are interesting and easy to follow.

Internet Empire Mastery Review by Edmund

Once in a while, I will come across good resources that can help people understand and learn how to build a Successful Online Business. I am very happy that there are genuine people that really want to help others with their knowledge.

Internet Empire Mastery Review - Wealth Mastery

This time I am going to share with you a good to attend seminar conducted by where you can learn how to build a business online with someone who has over 10 years experience in this industry, especially if you are a beginner.

Personally, I have not attended the seminar because I am learning from Wealthy Affiliate University that is more of a self-study kind. I would share with you the information I have gathered related to Internet Empire Mastery.


Internet Empire Mastery Review – Internet Empire Mastery Seminar

Introductory Seminar.

The 2 hours introductory seminar basically will let you have an overall view of why people want to start an online business and how to start a business online.

Patricia will talk about

  • Active and passive income
  • The benefit of online business vs. traditional business
  • The problems that an online entrepreneur will face

Following that, she shares 3 methods where people can make money online

  • Sell your own product
  • Sell your own service
  • Promote other people’s product as an affiliate marketer

Then, she will share with you their 5 steps system

  • Identify a topic that has hungry buyers
  • Find a product to sell or promote
  • Build a Database of emails
  • Promote your Squeeze Page
  • Send e-mails and make money

For full slides of the presentation, you can refer to this very helpful blog.

After all the introduction and sharing, she will talk about the values of each component of the actual Internet Empire Mastery seminar and then offer you to sign up on the spot for SGD1997.

Actual Seminar

I am not going to write much about the actual seminar, as I have not attended it. However, base on the actual feedback of a former student, Lester, he has enjoyed the 2 days seminar and the topics covered includes the following,

  • Identify a Niche Market Full of Hungry Buyers
  • Setting Up Your Blog and Website
  • Create a Product
  • Write Sales Copy
  • Set Up Payment & Delivery System
  • Set Up Autoresponder System
  • Create Backend Marketing System
  • Promote Your Blog & Website
  • Outsource & Automate Your Business

Hop onto Lester’s review and take a look. Feel free to ask him any questions if you have any. I do believe he is a helpful gentleman from the selfies he posted.


Internet Empire Mastery Seminar Pros

  • Down to earth knowledge on Online Business and Marketing.
  • Genuine and Experienced Coaches.
  • Meet friend with the same passion for Online Business.

Internet Empire Mastery Seminar Cons

  • The seminar fee is slightly high and may not be affordable for some.
  • Jam packed 2 days seminar may have information overload for some.

Internet Empire Mastery Review – Free Resources and Learn at own pace

What if you are not able to afford or do not wish to spend 1000’s dollars to attend seminars or courses?

Wealthy Affiliate University is where I learn and start a Successful Online Business at my own pace for FREE!

>> Click Here to check out Wealthy Affiliate University <<


Final Verdict

Internet Empire Mastery Seminar
Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin
Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

A valuable seminar to attend for beginners who can afford the seminar fees because you are tapping on the experience of the coaches. Recommended to ask a lot of questions and seek help where possible when you attend the seminar to make the money worth.

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6 thoughts on “Internet Empire Mastery Review –

  1. edy

    I just came across this because I live in Singapore. To me, that the cost fee to sign up for Internet Empire Mastery is way too expensive. This is where knowledge comes to play. If you know there is much lower price to learn everything regarding online marketing, then you would go that path.
    But, good for the founders, they can take advantage of their experience and earn local people money.

    Anyway, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate though. Less than $50 a month, a sweet deal for college student like me 🙂 Thanks for your review here sir!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Edy, you are most welcome!
      Wealthy Affiliate University’s FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Program is a good place to start for many.

      I would recommend any new Internet Marketer to learn about what is Internet Marketing first before paying for some expensive course or lessons.

      The lessons at Wealthy Affiliate University are testified by more than 280,000 people and have trained 10000s of Successful Ontrepreneurs since 2005.

      Wishing you Success Edy!

      1. Dylan

        Hi Edmund,

        I had been trying to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate University after hearing positive reviews about it but was unsuccessful.

        Their system kept feed back to me that I already had an account with them which I don’t remember creating one.

        Can you help?


        1. Edmund Post author

          Hi Dylan,

          Thank you for your interest in Wealthy Affiliate, I am sorry to hear the problem you faced while creating an account.

          I have sent you an email on the steps to check.

          Let me know if you can get around it.


  2. Chew ting

    Hi, Edmund.

    Do u think it’s worth to pay for IEM by Patricia n Calvin for a beginner? As they have personal consultation n it’s life long learning place.

    I agree with the power of Internet business but attending their course may not guarantee a success right? And the course is pricey too

    Maybe I am looking for cheapest way to learn Online Marketing. Are you the coach for newbies in this wealth affiliate? Can people ask u n seek your opinion on that?

    Hear from you. thx

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Chew ting, thanks for comment and your questions.

      I think IEM is pretty a crash course and Patricia and Calvin are definitely the experts in the internet marketing business. If you prefer personal face to face consultation and have few thousands to spare, I would say go for it. Like you say, attending the course may not guarantee a success. This is because it all boils down to your determination to apply what you learn and put in your every effort to make it a success.

      On the other hand, if anyone tells you that you can make money online fast and quick. You have to be really careful of what they claimed because Online Business is never easy and it takes a lot of patience and grit.

      Personally, I feel that I can learn Online Marketing on my own and at my own pace. I do not like rushing through something, ra-ra for a few days and after that you do not know what’s next. Wealthy Affiliate is an open education project where all Online Entrepreneurs around the world come together and contribute their knowledge to the community.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s owner Kyle has created a series of training call the “Online Entrepreneur Certification Program “. This is the fundamental training that everyone will go through when they join Wealthy Affiliate. I can digest the information at my own pace and apply what I learn. When in doubts, I can ask any experts within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

      If you are interested to find out more, you could join as a free* starter member to test-drive the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program (Level 1) and practice with the 2 free* siterubix sub-domain websites given. You do not have to pay a single cent for this.

      If you are ready to learn more and scale your Online Business further, you could join as Premium member for a fee.
      Personally. I do not think Wealthy Affiliate is expensive if you break down the details. You can read my article “Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it“.

      After what I have gone through during my journey of building my Affiliate Marketing Website from scratch to making my first Passive Online Income, I have gained a lot of experience from what I have done wrong or done right.

      If you are stuck in anywhere during your journey of building an Online Business or need a hand in anything, feel free to contact me at Wealthy Affiliate. I will provide you with invaluable advice from my own experience.

      Looking forward to working with you at Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

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