Internet Rags To Riches Review – A Manual for Dummies

Internet Rags To Riches Review – A Manual for Dummies

Internet Rags To Riches Review – A Manual for Dummies

Remember my Simply Rich Singapore Review post? This is the product that the website is affiliated to. Simply Rich Singapore implies that this product will let you make money from the Internet quickly.

I want to be more objective and I got hold of the product and did some studies on it. I am going to reveal what I have found in this Internet Rag to Riches Review. USD10000 in 7 days? Really?

Internet Rags to Riches


Product: Self-help e-book

Price: e-book USD49.95. If you leave the page, Farren offers first chapter complimentary if you provide your email contact. Up-sell 1: 21 D.A.S.H. USD37/mth membership. Up-sell 2: Already Made Template (A.M.T) USD97.

Owner: Farren Lighton

Suitable for: Novice

Overview: Provide step-by-step instructions from choosing a niche to creating a functional website for monetization. Offers advice on SEO. Annoying upsell pages you have to click through before reaching the e-book content. The e-book is presented in Website format. The E-book is not downloadable.

Internet Rags to Riches Review by Edmund

Have you tried installing a software onto your computer by following a step-by-step instruction manual created by someone who has installed it before? This is how I felt after I read the e-book by Farren Lighton.

I understand that his intention is to help someone with little Internet knowledge by creating this Dummy step-by-step Guide. As he mentioned,

The objective of this whole program is to help you build a fully functional Online Business using the proven method of success which yields long term results.

Overall, this book is more focus on the technical aspect of setting up a functional Online Business.

Internet Rags To Riches Review – First Step

In the first chapter of the book, Farren shared with us the very basic steps for anyone who what to start an Online Business. These steps includes,

  • Choosing a Niche
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Research

For each topic in research, he demonstrated the steps using the Google Keyword Planner and Google Search tools. (There are better-dedicated tools, Jaaxy, for such research though)

Farren further elaborated what is Affiliate Marketing and advice people to choose products from Click Bank in the following topics.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Selection

Do take note that Click Bank is not the only place to have affiliate products, as there are so many companies out there offering affiliate programs.


Internet Rags To Riches Review – Technical Setup

In the next few chapters, Farren breaks down the technical aspect of setting up a functional Websites to 3 stages, Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. Some of the topics covered are shown below.

Basic Steps

  • Selection of Domain Name
  • WebHost and Domain Registration
  • Installing WordPress
  • Autoresponder Registration
  • Creating the Opt-in Form

Intermediate Steps

  • Traffic logs
  • Email Setup
  • WordPress Theme Setup
  • Blog Setup

Advanced Steps

  • Content Fundamental
  • Contact Me Page
  • About Me Page
  • Autoresponder Emails

If you follow the setup closely, you could have your functional Website up after the you complete the Advance Steps.

In the process of setup, Farren will direct you to the Webhost he recommends and the steps-by-steps instruction is strictly for that particular Webhost only. If you want to use other Webhost that you think offers better value, you have to figure out the steps yourself.

The same applies to the Autoresponder Provider.


Internet Rags To Riches Review – SEO for Traffics

In the last few chapters of this book, Farren shares about the SEO aspect of the Website you have just created. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its purpose is to drive traffic to your Website. (Click here to find out the rationale behind this)

The topics include

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic
  • Online Presence

The information he shares here is quite informative and should be easy for a novice to understand.


Internet Rags To Riches Review – Up-Sells

Once you purchase the program, you are invited to join the 21 D.A.S.H (21 Day Action Sequence Highway) program membership which cost USD37/month.

This is basically a day by day instructions on the things you need to do in the exact sequence that Farren recommends.

If you decide not to join the membership, Farren will counter offer a USD1 (7 days trial) for this membership. After 7 days, you will have to pay for the full membership.

I did not join the membership because I am already following my #1 Escape Tool program which offers FREE Starter Membership and FREE 2 Websites.

If you decided not to join the 21 D.A.S.H even with the USD1 trial offer. You will be offered to purchase A.M.T (Already Made Templates) for the price of USD97 next.

A.M.T consist of e-book templates that you can use for your website promotion as bonus books.

Again if you reject the first offer, you will have a counter offer of USD47 for the A.M.T. package.

If you reject the counter offer, you finally arrived at the content that you initially purchase for. Quite annoying isn’t it?


Internet Rags To Riches Review – Support

Farren offers only e-mail support.

I have not sent him any e-mail and do not know how is the response time from him or his team.


Is there a better program out there?

By following the instructions on this guide, you are merely setting up a functional Website and you are going to need effort and time to write contents for your website.

While creating contents takes time, it will also take time for Google or other search engines to notice your site, rank it and drive traffic to your website. So USD10000 in 7 days when you follow the step-by-step instruction? Not gonna to happen, sorry.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a much better program that offers better trainings on how to build a Successful Online Business right from the fundamentals.


Internet Rags To Riches Review - Wealthy Affiliate University


The best thing is it comes with live support and help from the owners and the community. You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership. Save your money for the better.


Internet Rags To Riches Review – Final Verdict

Internet Rags to Riches
Farren Lighton
Overall Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

An e-book that is more focus on teaching novice Internet marketer how to setup a functional Website. You have to use the Webhost and Autoresponder recommend by Farren because his step-by-step instruction are specifically for them only. Farren offers minimal support.

I rated this product 2 stars because the technical aspect of setting up a functional website is taught and could be useful to a Novice.

But I feel that a Successful Online Business is not just about setting up a Website and thats it! You are going to build relevant and helpful contents for visitors. There should be a lot emphasis on this in an Internet Marketing Course.






*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.


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