QTOTD: 5 Quick Tips Of The Day at Wealthy Affiliate

QTOTD: 5 Quick Tips Of The Day at Wealthy Affiliate

QTOTD: 5 Quick Tips Of The Day at Wealthy Affiliate

QTOTD: Quick Tip Of The Day – 5 quick tips to getting started at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll be glad you know it.

QTOTD: Basic Lessons

Go through the Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons. Follow the lessons closely, step by step.

A few friends in Wealthy Affiliate asked me this question quite often. “I have signed up Wealthy Affiliate Premium, so where do I start? “

My reply was always the above quote. You see, the Online Entrepreneur Certification lesson is the most basic lesson you can find to learn about starting an Online Business. If you are not able to follow the lessons patiently and diligently, then honestly I think it will be tough for you to start.

Let go of your impatience and ego. Know that this Online Business is not the “Make Money Online Overnight” kind of Business. You got to put in your effort and hard work to make it work.

Trust me, if someone tells you that you can make money online overnight, run far away from it and don’t look back.

QTOTD: Avoid Affiliate Boot Camp

Avoid Affiliate Boot Camp at all cost!

Why do I say that?

Because, if you are just getting started and want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you are too late.

Wealthy Affiliate started more than 10 years ago. When it was just starting and no one knows about it, the Wealthy Affiliate owners started this Boot Camp so that words could spread and rewards given to those who spread the words. It works! The lucky ones who joined Wealthy Affiliates 8-10 years ago would get a decent commission then.

Forward to now, there are thousands or even hundred thousand of Wealthy Affiliate members have written Wealthy Affiliate Review! All following the Affiliate Boot Camp’s lessons to write reviews about scam products and then recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the real “non scam” product.

Do a search “Wealthy Affiliate Review” and you’ll see how thin this pie has spread to thousands of people. So my advice is that do no try this route. If you do, you would have to put in a lot more hard work and be very very patient to see your first dollar from this niche.

QTOTD: Research and Learn

Over time, technology changes and improves to make human life better. Similarly, the technology to building a website such as WordPress or the Search Engine Optimisation technology changes and updated over time.

WordPress is a good example, for the many years I have been using it for this website, I have seen several major updates. I have to research and learn how to use it every time it has a major change.

There are also the new EU Rules that website must inform users where personal data are collected and cookies are used. I have to research on it and implement it to my site too.

The first place I usually go to is Wealthy Affiliate Community’s shared knowledge. I will do a search on Wealthy Affiliate and see if anyone has done it before and teaches how to do it. After I have some ideas, I would do more research online again to have a better understanding.

As we know, Wealthy Affiliate was started more than 10 years ago, some of this shared knowledge may have been outdated. So we have to be diligent about this.

The database of the shared knowledge is huge after accumulating over the years, I believe the owners or the members would not be able to update all of them. Some members could have already left even.

QTOTD: Self Motivation

What is Self Motivation? According to CassiOfTroy from Wealthy Affiliate,

The root of the word motivation is ’motive’. Motive refers to your needs, desires and wants. Your motives are what drive you to take action to accomplish your goals. Without appropriate motives, you would do very little or apply your energy and action towards inappropriate and unproductive things.

Many a time in our life, we are so clouded by our surrounding distractions like work, relationships, daily chores, and family commitments. We lost our motivations towards our own goals. When we reached a point when we finally realized that what are we doing all these years?

This could happen to anyone and including myself. I have lost motivation as I was so occupied with work, changing jobs, and family. So at the beginning of this year, I realized I must get my motivation back to start working toward my personal goals again.

So, QTOTD, sit down and revisit your goals to find your motivation back again.

QTOTD: Ignore Members Rankings

Finally, the last QTOTD, ignore the members rankings at Wealthy Affiliate.

Members are ranks according to their contributions to the community within. Contributions could include creating blogs or training to help fellow members. It started with a very good intention of paying it forward so that everyone could learn from one another.

As you contribute more, your ranking within Wealthy Affiliate will improve and an “Ambassador” title will be conferred to you if you reached the top 25. The ranking is dynamic and will change according to each person’s contributions.

Over the many years in Wealthy Affiliate, I see some members craving for the “Ambassador” title and would write meaningless blogs just to add to their contribution.

It is important to note that, the “Ambassadors” do not necessarily are successful in their own Online Business yet. They just spend more time within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

As a beginner, thus I would advice you to focus your time and effort to write contents for your website first. Do not chase after the members rank within Wealthy Affiliate.

When you gained experience and become successful, you could then pay it forward to the community and I believe your contributions are more valuable in this way.

Hope this helps

I hope I have helped you a little by sharing my own experience at Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to share with us more tips, feel free to write in the comment section.

I sincerely wishing you the best and success!


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