What is affiliate marketing for beginners?

What is affiliate marketing for beginners?

What is affiliate marketing for beginners?

What is affiliate marketing for beginners? Affiliate marketing can be tricky and tough if you do not know the right steps. Learn how you can take the first step here.

The beginning.

What is affiliate marketing for beginners?

Every minute, there are probably hundreds of would-be Affiliate Marketeers are born in the internet world. Each searching for the “how-to” steps to start an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing.

Every minute, there are probably hundreds of would-be Affiliate Marketers who got scammed in the internet world. Each believing that Online Business = Make Money Quick.

The hard truth is that there are no quick money in the Online World. There are certainly hard work and efforts to be added into the equation of making money online and I guarantee you that it will not be quick.

The Why.

I can start sharing with you all the Technical Details of Affiliate Marketing but no, I am not.

This is because I want you to know the “why” first.

For the past 7 years as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, I have seen many of my referrals come and go. Some really put in the hard work, some just wanted to try it out, some left the program within months and some don’t even bother to go through the step-by-step lessons.

I understand people are skeptical about the Wealthy Affiliate Program. But the good thing is you can try out the free lessons first. Anyway, this is beside the point.

My main point is, many people do not have a strong reason why they want to succeed in Online Business. I am not saying that you have to be successful like Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg. You are successful if you achieve the goals you set out to achieve from the beginning, albeit taking small little steps.

Ask yourself, what is the most compelling reason that made you wanted to start searching how to make money online? And by chance, you learn about Affiliate Marketing and wanted to take a plunge into this?

What if you do not make money for the first 6 months, are you willing to persevere and continue with what you started out? Will you give up and say “Heck! I’ll try the next program that promises make money quick!” instead?

The How.

Now you understand the why, I share with you the how.

Affiliate Marketing in simple layman term is “Sales Person”.

You are the Sales Person that goes knocking house to house to promote your company’s product. When you made a sale, you earn a commission from the sale. Yup, that’s it!

Take note, a sales person needs to physically going around the blocks to knock on people’s homes to sell a product.

Affiliate Marketing works in a similar way. But, instead of you physically going house to house to promote your products. You create a website where visitors can come and see/hear your pitch of the products you are selling.

Of course, the advantage of Online Affiliate Marketing is that you won’t face rejections (a bitter pill for all salespeople) as you go knock on doors. People who visited your website make the decision themselves to buy or not to buy the products after reading your reviews.

When the visitors believe what you showed and said, they decided to buy the product through a link from your website with your sales ID embedded. The company will then be notified, keep track of your sales and then pay you commission by putting the money into your bank account directly on a regular basis.

Thats how Affiliate Marking works!

The Easy.

Setting up a website is super easy, as long as you are able to handle a computer and able to follow step by step instructions. This is a piece of cake.

Step by Step instructions can be found here.

Next easy thing is to understand your own interest and passion in certain broad categories of products. E.g Electronics or Healthcare.

Then, you are going to zoom into a little more details, E.g. Bluetooth speakers under Electronics or Dieting under Healthcare.

Know more about niche here.

The Hard.

Now comes the hard part.

When a new website is freshly baked from the oven. Google and the other major search engines are not able to index it immediately because it is just empty without contents. The search engine spiders crawled for the contents in every website so that they will provide the most relevant search results.

You need to add and build up meaningful content to your new website that will benefit your visitors. i.e. your contents will provide the answers that your visitor are looking for. This takes hard work, effort, and time.

E.g, When someone search for “BOSE Bluetooth speaker review”, can your article content gives a full comprehensive review for the visitors?

If your article can attract the attention of the search engine as it received many visitors, the search engines will rank your article on the first page of the search results whenever someone typed “BOSE Bluetooth speaker review” in the search bar. This will results in more visitors and thus the chances of them buying the products through your sales link.

Now, there is more to this search engine ranking in addition to the meaningful and rich content of an article. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Every Affiliate Marketer should know SEO but this is a big topic to master and I will not elaborate here.

This free* beginner course here will teach you the basics of SEO.

The ending.

I hope I have helped you understand a little more about Affiliate Marketing and more importantly, your motivation to start this Online journey to make your first dollar from the product sales.

Take your time, sit back and think carefully. Know the why and the goals you want to achieve.

If you are very clear about it, I invite you to join this free* beginner course and go through the step by step lessons.

I sincerely wishing you the best and success!


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