Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Legitimate or Scam?!?

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – What is Viral Banner Ad Co-Op and how does it work? Can you have quality traffic with VSAC? Read this Viral Banner Ad Co-Op review.

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review


Products: Paid Traffic Source

Price: Free to Register, Paid Membership Offered.

Owner: Unknown

Suitable for: Online Marketers who like to test traffic sources.

Overview: Viral Banner Ad Co-Op (VBAC) is a paid traffic service to help you post your banner ad to 1526 advertising sites. You need to buy Ad credits for your banner to show up. You could earn credits too by placing your unique banner at traffic exchange sites.

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – How does it work?

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op claimed that you only need to add your banner ad once and they will do ALL the work for you.

They will post to 1526 Advertising Sites automatically for you!

What you have to do is to

  1. Register a free account with Viral Banner Ad Co-Op.
  2. Add your 468×60 Banner Ads.
  3. Add some credits to your Banner Ads.

And that’s it!

If you upgrade to a paid membership, you are also able to track your traffic’s

  • Date of each impression and clicks
  • Impression and Clicks received
  • Daily Views & Daily Clicks
  • Referring Sites of Impression Clicks
  • Exact URL of each Clicks

It seems simple enough and quite appealing for me at the first glance.


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – How do you earn credits?

You can earn credits for your Ad Banner’s use at Viral Banner Ad Co-op in 4 ways.

#1 Unique Banner

Add Your Unique Banner To some advertising sites like Text Ad Exchanges, Traffic Exchanges or Mailers.

Unique Banner is an ad banner that is tagged with your unique id.

This Unique Banner will show banner ads generated from Viral Banner Ad Co-op to create impressions.

When your Unique Banner creates an impression at these sites, you will earn credits based on your membership level. (See Table below)

#2 Referral

Refer people to Viral Banner Ad Co-Op.

#3 Solo Ads Viewing

Browse Solo Ads within the members’ area allows you to earn 1 credit for 10 secs viewing.

#4 Daily Login

Every day you log into Viral Banner Ad Co-Op you earn some credits.

Because you’ll be shown a featured “login Ad” for about 10sec when you log in every time.


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – How do you earn cash?

You could also earn cash at Viral Banner Ad Co-op too. There are 3 ways.

#1 Referral (You must display your Unique Banner somewhere)

By referring Free member, you’ll earn

  1. $0.10 for every Active referral.
  2. $0.025 each time your referrals login Daily up to $2.00 in total.
#2 Referral Purchase and Upgrade
  1. Free Member – 10% Commission
  2. Silver Member – 25% Commission
  3. Gold Member – 40% Commission
#3 Solo Ads Viewing

Browse Solo Ads within the members’ area allows you to earn $0.025 for 10 secs viewing.


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – How much does it cost?

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - cost

Help (?)

Earning Credit Ratio – You earn credit every time your Unique Banner creates impressions. Free Member requires 3 impressions to earn 1 credit. Gold Member just requires 1 impression to earn 1 credit.

Banner Show Priority – The frequency of your banner ad shown is dependent on your membership level.

Promo Banner Frequency – The frequency of your promo banner shown at VBAC.

Statistics – Details of your statistics report depends on your membership level.

Solo Ad Visits – The amount you will earn when viewing solo ads within the members’ area for 10secs.

Active Referral Bonus – You are required to add your Unique Banner at minimum one site to earn this.


One Time Offer (Grand Opening)

Upon signing up you’ll be shown a One Time Offer page where Gold and Silver Membership are selling at a discount.

Gold: $57.57/yr or $9.97/mth

Silver: $27.27/yr or $7.77/mth

If you decide to leave this alone, you’ll be given another discount at members’ area.

Gold: $67.67/yr or $12.27/mth

Silver: $37.37/yr or $7.77/mth


Seasonal Discount

You may purchase credits at a discount during a seasonal promotion. Such as Easter Holiday promotion.

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - seasonal promo


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Terms and Disclaimers

This is where most people missed out.

I recommend that you read the terms and disclaimers carefully before you decide to get the paid membership.

Here are the links.

VBAC Terms and Conditions
VBAC Earning Disclaimers


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – My Personal Take

I believe that Viral Banner Ad Co-Op could have some potential of driving traffic to your website, however, I have some concerns as follow,

#1 Traffic Source

You could see that when you create an account, you are required to add your unique banner at Traffic Exchange Sites, Mailer Sites or your own website in order for you to earn credits or some cash.

The Viral Banner Ad Co-Op‘s target audience was not clearly mentioned. It could really depend on where VBAC’s members post their unique banners.

Thus, I am not sure that traffic sources could work for any niches.

It seems to me that the traffic sources are skewed towards “Make Money Online” or “Traffic” niche based on the banners shown at VBAC sites.

Some examples are as follow:

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - banner 1

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - banner 2

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - banner 3

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - banner 4

#2 Webpage Design and Security

The homepage looks cheaply designed and there are no security measures in placed.

This is the same as Viral Solo Ads Co-op, one of VBAC’s sister sites.

When I tried to register for a free account, all the passwords are exposed.

These do not give me enough confidence of the security safety of this website.

#3 Gmail restrictions

Restrict the use of only Gmail to create an account.

I tried to create an account with a Yahoo Mail but I received this message.

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - banned

Why VBAC’s emails are blocked at so many other mail sites?

#4 One Time Offer

One Time offer right after account creation serves no purpose for me because I do not know how VBAC works in details yet!

I also do not know what is the traffic source and the quality of it for conversion.

I would recommend you to use the free account to test the traffic first. If the traffic quality is good and converts for you, I guess you would not mind paying a little more for the upgrades in the future.


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Another Targeted Traffic Alternative

I started my Affiliate Marketing business in 2014 and learned how to generate traffics (free or paid) to my website from Wealthy Affiliate.

It is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I could start learning how to build my Online Business Passive Income with ZERO prior knowledge on Affiliate Marketing and how to generate traffics.

Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to generate targeted traffics to your own specific niche.

Not only that it comes with complete Keyword tools and Website building and hosting suite, Wealthy Affiliate comes with live support and helps from the owners and the community.

You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership in the next few minutes!

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review – Final Verdict

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op
Overall Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

I rated Viral Banner Ad Co-Op 2.0 stars because I believe it provides legitimate traffic sources.

However, the demographics of the traffics were not mentioned on its website, so it may not work for all different kind of niches.

I would not be tempted by the One Time Offer and will join as a free member first.

This is because I want to test the traffic quality before I decide to upgrade perhaps at a later time.

FYI, Viral Banner Ad Co-op has 2 other sisters sites:

Viral TE Co-op

Viral Solo Ad Co-op

Wishing you the best!

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

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