What Makes An Effective Ad? – Successful PPC Campaign

What Makes An Effective Ad? – Successful PPC Campaign

What Makes An Effective Ad? – Successful PPC Campaign

What makes an effective ad? Do you wish to learn the secret to build a Successful PPC campaign? Click here to find out now!

What makes an effective ad?

Many people have used PPC campaign to promote their affiliate products.

However, many people are not able to create successful campaign such that the Click-through Rate and Conversion Rate are working in their favour. They are losing a lot of money with unsuccessful PPC campaign too.

Do you want to build a successful and effective ad?

Let me reveal the secret to you.

What makes an effective ad? - Relevance


The secret is Relevance.

Kyle, owner of Wealthy Affiliate taught me this during the Bootcamp Training.

“Yes, that is correct. If you can be relevant, you can succeed with PPC. The MORE relevant you are, the more successful you will become. It is no more complex than this.”

What can you do to make your ad different from all your competitors?

>> You can get more tips from Kyle here.

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Bing Ads also mentioned.

” There is no magic formula, but there are some things you can do that will help.”

Indeed, no magical formula.

>> You can get more tips from Bing Ads here.

To be Successful with PPC campaign, you really have to create and refine your ads as you build your campaign.

You have to make your ad as relevant as to the product that you are recommending.


My Personal Experience.

Here are some key pointers I learned from my own experience with PPC campaign at Bing Ads.

#1 Start a campaign with a few ad groups targeting the same product.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. I created a campaign to target my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

I created a few ad groups with keywords/keyphrases related to Wealthy Affiliate.


#2 Each ad group should have closely knitted keyword/keyphrase.

I use a few closely related Keywords/Keyphrases for each of my ad groups.

In the tranining, Kyle showed us an example of closely related Keywords/Keyphrases, targeting the term “get ranked in google”.

  • get ranked in google
  • how to get ranked in google
  • get ranked in google fast
  • how do I get ranked in google
  • getting ranked in google
  • how to get ranked into google


#3 Limit your bidding to $0.25 to $0.30 for each keyword and a budget of $20-$30/day.

I started with $0.25 bid for my ad groups and a campaign budget of $20/day.

As the impression numbers start coming in, I observed the ads’ average positions on the results page.

I increase the bids of keywords gradually and monitor the increase of their ads’ positions.


#4 Add keyword/keyphrase in your Ad titles.

When I created my first ad. I did not put the keyword in the Ad Titles. I realized that my ad average position is around 7 to 8.

I added keyword/keyphrase in my Ad titles and the average position climbed to between 4 and 5.


#5 Presell your product to capture attention. How does your product solve a problem?

I presell Wealthy Affiliate to capture attention in the description.

I strongly believe that Wealthy Affiliate could help people becoming Financially Free and earn Online Passive Income.


#6 Must include a call to action.

My first ad does not have a call to action in the description. The Click through is ZERO out of a few hundred impressions.

I added a call to action line in my description, such as Click HERE! or Read HERE!

Then Clicks begin to appear.


#7 Experiment with different titles to see the effectiveness of Click-through Rate.

I created different titles and descriptions for my Ad Groups and monitor their click through rate.

Then I chose the best one.


#8 When your clicks start coming in, consider to scale up your ad campaigns. (Use the same successful method that you have just found.)

I observed the more successful Ad Group and try to replicate the method to another ad campaign.


#9 Happy Conversion and Sales?

My Ad Groups have started to convert people to sign up with the Free* Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

However, so far no sales yet. (Never give up! Keep moving forward!) 🙂

I will keep on experimenting further and update my results here again in the future.


What makes an effective ad? – Conclusion.

PPC Campaign is not an easy feat. You need to experiment and have the patience to build a successful campaign.

Once you have found the right formula for your product’s campaign. You can start to scale up by creating other similar campaigns.

Always remember, Relevance is the key to your Successful campaign.

Wishing you the best!

What makes an effective ad? - Edmund





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