Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Top 7!

Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Top 7!

Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Top 7!

Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Are you a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)? Looking for work from home jobs to supplement your income? Read here!

Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Top 7!

I have many female friends who became a Stay At Home Mum after giving birth to their first child.

They gave up their full-time job to stay with the child as they believed that the early years are the most important years of a developing child.

My mum was a Stay At Home Mum too. She was a home nanny and a freelancer. She brought her children up and sent them to Universities, all from the legitimate no fee work from home jobs income.

I sincerely believe you could earn some income from home too if you could spare some free time to work on it.

Check out my Top 7 legitimate no fee work from home jobs below.


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Become an Internet Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate University Create AccountYou do not have to be tech savvy to become an Internet Marketer. I was an Internet Marketing Dummy until I read and implemented the FREE* Internet Marketing step by step training offered at Wealthy Affiliate University.

My Wealthy Affiliate Journey is the proof of my Success with Affiliate Marketing.

This requires some effort, though.

As long you are consistent and persistent, you’ll soon see your monthly income flowing in.

It’s like building a water pipe from a Well that is a mile away from your house. You dig the ground, lay the pipes and cover it up, feet by feet every day. When the pipe finally reaches your house, you are going to get an endless flow of water! Goal Achieved!


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Become an E-lancer

Elance SignupBecoming a freelancer has never been easier in this internet age. You could offer your expertise and service to any company around the world. You could charge the companies per hourly rate or a fixed rate.

I recommend the trusted, legitimate and widely used worldwide, Elance.com, who has around 100k jobs posted every month.

I am sure you can find jobs that you can offer your service too.

Click Here to find jobs at Elance.com

Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Sell handy crafts at Etsy

PolkaDot3Do you have a knack to make handy crafts such as Crochet?

You can create an Etsy store to sell your wonderful crafts to the world.

You may need to use social media to promote your store to your friends at the beginning. And if the crafts you make are beautiful and wonderful, I believe they will go viral in no time.

Click Here to create an Etsy Store


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Be a Home Tutor

PolkaDot4Do you like to impart your academic knowledge to the young ones?

If you do, you could:

  1. Link up with your local tuition agencies.
  2. Post a note on parenthood forum about your service.
  3. Seek recommendations from family and friends.

You could charge by hourly rate or monthly rate per subject. You could have a group of students or one to one per session. It is really flexible.


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Fill in Surveys

PolkaDot5Registration to be a member of panels is usually free for most of the Online Survey Companies such as:

  1. YouGov
  2. MySurvey

Do note that just by joining one or two survey companies will not provide you with the sufficient income.

This is because the frequency of surveys that you qualify to fill is unpredictable and the reward amount of each survey is usually quite little.


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Be a Home Nanny

PolkaDot6Do you love children, even they are not your own?

I am very proud of my mom as she nannies 3 other children other than her own 3 while she was younger!

Now as she is in her sixties, she is just looking after her grandson (my son). 🙂

Being a nanny is definitely energy draining, especially if you are looking after a baby or a toddler. However, if you love children so dearly, this is a good source of income too.

You could seek out neighbors with young children and provide your service. In this way, their parents will be more comfortable because they know you personally and could trust you with their children.


Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Sell children’s stuff at eBay

PolkaDot7Have you bought too many clothes or toys for your child?

Have they outgrown the new clothes even before they wear them?

These are very common for couples with their first child, we did the same too.

Well, you could post your children’s unused items on eBay and re-sell them.

If you are gaining customers and earning a consistent income, you could open an eBay Store and stock up inventories.

Then your Online Business will reach another level of success.


Other Suggestions?

I believe that there is definitely more legitimate no fee work at home jobs for moms. I hope my recommendations here are able to create a spark for your work from home ideas.

Please leave a comment on any other ideas you have on legitimate no fee work at home jobs for moms. So that other could benefit too. 🙂

Wishing you Success!






*Please note that some countries are not able to enjoy FREE Starter Membership due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.


18 thoughts on “Legitimate No Fee Work From Home Jobs For Moms – Top 7!

  1. Riaz Shah

    I agree with being an Internet Marketer being the first. The best way to earn from home is to have your own business and although being an Internet Marketer is a slow process, it’ll be worth it when you get to your site starts to lift off. Keep up the good work Edmund.

  2. Cathy Liew

    Hi Edmund. Thanks for sharing all this methods. Would like to see a more elaborate version of each of the method. I bet will give you another 7 more ideas for future contents. LOL.

    Good post. Keep on writing! I’ll be back.


    1. Edmund Post author

      Thanks so much Cathy! You are right, each method could be a future post.
      Most importantly I hope that this post could create some values for my Visitors! 🙂

      See you soon and Wishing you Success!

  3. Lorena

    I love this post so much because I know these definitely work (I have tried many of them). The biggest thing is to never give up on goals, because then you’ll never know how much you can achieve.

  4. Cathy

    Hi there Edmund,

    A friend of mine has a designer qualification and she’s quite passionate about teaching as well. She just became a mother and she prefers to work from home to raise her toddler.

    She’s thinking of giving designing courses online to share her knowledge and skills. What’s your advice for her and what tools you would recommend her to use?

    Thank you.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Cathy! Thank you for your question.

      You friend already has the first ingredient of a successful work from home career, which is Passion!

      My advice to her is as follow:

      1. Read the 4 steps to Successful Wealthy Affiliate.

      2. Take on the FREE* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course at Wealthy Affiliate University.

      She can learn from the course how to build a website and use the tools provided at Wealthy Affiliate University.

      However, all these are just “hardware”, she needs “software” too.

      She already has a Passion, a quarter way to success. Work from home to make money online may seem attractive to many, but the journey is not easy. The other ingredients to Success are Commitment and Perseverance.

      Hope this advice is helpful and you could share this with your friend.

      Wishing you the best Cathy!

  5. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello Edumnd , I agree with the most of your points.I would vote internet marketing at the top position like you did.E-lancing and tutor as well get my vote.And I agree as well with home nanny and selling stuff on e-bay.

    But I am not a fan of surveys.May be that is because of my location but I had no serious luck the last years taking surveys and they pay just a few bucks.It is a legitimate option but for me it was just waste of time.May be in other countries people fill in more surveys and they can grant some pretty commissions.

    I would like to add one more suggestion to your list.Call centers for those women that have a nice friendly voice.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Tasos, thank you for your comment and voting Internet Marketing as #1 position too.

      Internet Marketing is definitely a good choice for many because it is simple to get started. However, it requires the right mindset and effort to make it successful.

      Personally, I have have tried taking survey from YouGov and MySurvey. I agree with you that their payout is not fantastic. If you want to go the Survey Direction, you need to strategise and sign up as many Survey companies you could. In this way, you’ll have enough surveys to fill on a daily basis. And perhaps filling surveys could let you generate a decent income on a monthly basis.

      Yup! You are right! Call centers is another option for ladies with a nice friendly voice and lots of patience. Thanks for suggesting!

      Wishing you Success!

  6. Randy

    Hey, Edmund great article. There are a lot of legitimate opportunities out there you just have to know where to look. Become an internet marketer is my favorite but like you say it takes effort to be successful. Elancer is something I may look into myself. I am not very crafty, but my wife is so this could be something she could look into. The home tutor gig doesn’t look bad either.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hey Randy, thank you for your comment!

      I am glad that this article has created some sparkles for your Online Business ideas.

      Great choice!

      Internet Marketing indeed requires effort and persistence. You’ll need a lot of support and motivation along your journey to keep driving you forward towards your goals.

      Wealthy Affiliate University’s helpful and caring community could be the support and motivational force behind your success! Head down to sign up with the FREE* Starter membership, you be impressed!

      Wishing you the best!

  7. Riaz Shah

    Hello again Edmund!

    I keep coming back to your guide, there are very handy and I love reading your posts, can’t have enough of them :D.

    Starting an Online Business is still number one I see, as do what other websites are telling us as well. This tells us one thing – we need to start a business now or never! Pumped up to start taking action, keep up the good work!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Riaz, thanks for visiting again.

      I am glad that my website has grown to become a guide for you. How is your Online Business going on?

      Yes, taking action is the way to kill procrastination. It doesn’t matter how small each step is, as long as you keep moving forward towards your Goals, you are a step towards your Success!

      Please feel free to share the Free* Online Entrepreneur Certification course of this site to help other new budding Online Entrepreneurs too.

      Wishing you Success, Riaz!

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