Home business for stay at home moms – Shocking!

Home business for stay at home moms – Shocking!

Home business for stay at home moms – Shocking!

Home business for stay at home moms  – Looking for a suitable home business for stay at home moms? The best home business education program is in here!

Home business for stay at home moms

Hi there!

In the 21st Century, the Internet Age, many Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) are looking for online jobs that allow them to work in the comfort of their own home during their free time.

Are you one of them?

Do you want to

  • earn some extra income during your spare time to supplement the household income?
  • have the flexibility to look after your child and work at the same time?
  • learn how Internet marketing works and how to make money online?

If you do, read on.


Home business for stay at home moms – Commitment

In this article, I am going to focus helping you build a Home Business right from your own computer.

First, you must understand that this is not a Get Rich Quick kind of thing you often hear or see in the Online world.

You’ll need to commit your spare time after finishing your family chores to your home business, as much as possible.

Alright? Let’s move on to the next section!


Home business for stay at home moms – 4 basic steps

To understand how to start a home business Online, you’ll need to understand the 4 basic steps.

These 4 steps forms the fundamental of your Online Successes. Let’s take a look at each of them.


Home business for stay at home moms - 1


You can see from the diagram above that the 4 steps to building a home business are basically,

#1 Choose an Interest

Choose an Interest that you are so passionate about. It could be anything from “how to take care of a growing toddler” to “how to make the best cupcakes in the world”. Anything that you have so much to share to the people in the Online world.

You want to choose an interest that you have no problem writing a minimum 500 words article for each post you publish.

You want to choose an interest that you could “sell” Online too. Think about Affiliate Products that can link to your interest and you could refer your Online Customers to buy the products through some affiliate programs. A good example will be Amazon.

#2 Build a Website

Next you will need to set up your website where you will post your articles or reviews on the products related to your interest.

Do not worry about all the technicality of building a website. You can build a Home Business Website using the simplest tool available at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the easiest part. All you have to do is follow a few clicks of the buttons and your new shiny website it up!

#3 Get Rankings & Visitors

This is the part that need time and patience. You’ll have to learn how to do keyword research and write quality and relevant contents for your website to rank your Home Business at the top search result page.

In this way, you are attracting your visitors to visit your website and be your potential customers. There are free* lessons that teach you step by step how to do this. I will share with you how to get the free* lessons below.

#4 Earn Revenue

When your effort pays off, the visitorship will increase day by day. You can then monetize your Home Business website in several ways through Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs or even offer a service and charge your customers.

The possibilities are infinite! You’ll learn how to monetize your Home Business in the free* lessons too.


Home business for stay at home moms – Hardware and Software

Home business for stay at home moms - 2What do I mean by hardware and software?

The 4 basic steps are just the “hardware” required for your Home Business, now, you’ll need some “software” too.

You’ll need the right mindset to keep yourself moving forward, no matter how slow it takes to move. I can understand that sometimes, after working on the tiresome household chores or needing double energy to take care of the little one, you may feel tired and slow to work on your Home Business.

It is fine you take a good rest, recharge and then return to work on it. As long as you keep yourself moving, the end results are definitely worth it!

It was the same for me too, I was working by day and when I get home, I have to attend to my forever active and energetic toddler son, settle him to bed later in the evening, then I start working on my Online Business for a few hours before I go to bed myself.

Some days I was just so tired, I went to bed together with my son, knowing that I will continue the next day. I persisted and the rewards are no words could be described!

So, the “software” you’ll need is 8 to be Great.

Go on, watch the short video and come back here. 🙂


Home business for stay at home moms – Free* lessons!

Welcome back! Motivated to build your Home Business website already?

Well, the academy that first taught me how to build a home business was Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification (Level 1) course for anyone who wish to learn how to set up their Home Online Business. This is the very first course that taught me how to build a website from scratch step by step.

Home business for stay at home moms - WA Online Entrepreneur Certification

Click to see content.



I am a Premium Member currently and every day I am still learning and interacting with the active community there. I would highly recommend you take a look at the contents of the course

Click on the book above or here to see the content of the course.

I sincerely believe that the free* course will definitely help you get started with your Online Business. Not only that, there is a big and helpful community at Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask any questions there if ever you have doubts when going through the lessons.

Feel free to drop me a reply at the members’ area if you need a hand in anything. I’ll be there to help too.

See you there!






*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate’s Anti-SPAM policy.



16 thoughts on “Home business for stay at home moms – Shocking!

  1. Pierre

    Hey Edmund, great suggestion for stay at home moms here!

    I am also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and it was really easy for me to get started.

    My biggest obstacle, creating a website, was blown a way within 30 seconds. (This is the time you need to create a website these days.)

    I make a consistent income with Wealthy Affiliate on a topic I like!

    It is absolutely great!


    1. Edmund Post author

      Hey Pierre, thank you for your comment.

      I am really glad that you have found Wealthy Affiliate and learned how to set up your website and building your home business.

      Indeed, there is no technicality involved in setting up the website, 30 seconds is all you’ll need. What follows is how to write quality contents and attract your potential customers.

      You are a great testimony of a stay at home mom with a successful home business!

      I wish you greater Success!

  2. Trish

    Hi Edmund, I really like your site and this article that focus on helping the stay at home mums to start their home business.

    As a member myself, I believe it really works at Wealthy Affiliate!

    Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur certification program is definitely the course to learn how to start and build an Online Business to be a successful one!

    Do not hesitate, heeds Edmund’s advice and you will be fine!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Trish, thanks so much for your comment.

      Wealthy Affiliate has trained 1000s of successful Online Business owners for the past 10 years since its inception in 2005.

      Head over to start the free* lesson and you’ll be amazed!

      Wishing you the best!

  3. Robert Connor

    Hello Edmund,

    We just love this site! Thanks for sharing information about working from home for stay at home moms. Your recommended training at Wealthy Affiliate is indeed impressive for newbies like us.

    From the training, we are looking for a new niche site. What do you think will be good going into 2016?

    Your website building tools section was also very helpful. The girls and me like how everything here is organized and easy to find what we need fast.

    Keep up the great work we will be back!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Robert, thanks for your comment and liking my site! 🙂

      I am glad that you find the training at Wealthy Affiliate impressive and looking for a new niche site.

      As for your question “What will be good going into 2016?”

      I would still recommend looking at what is your interest and what are you passionate about first and move towards that direction. I cannot predict the future and definitely I cannot tell you what will be good in 2016.

      There are vast opportunities and niches for millions of people on the Internet. Be diligent in research to avoid entering a niche with high competitions. Create Values for your visitors and sooner or later, profit will follow.

      Say hi to your girls and wishing you the best!

  4. Dave Sweney

    Hi Edmund,

    This is a great program for the stay at home moms that may want to generate a source of income without having to do the normal 9-5 thing most people go through.

    Your suggestions are very good. Moms that follow through and use your advice will be well on their way to being able to have the best of both worlds: A secondary source of income while taking care of their families…

    I read through two times your post here, looking for anything I could add value, but to me you have it covered well. Those taking action will be very happy they did!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Dave, thanks so much for your comment.

      Indeed, those who take the first step to study the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification will definitely be very happy they did.

      This is because they are going to learn step by step how to build a profitable Online Business. The community and training at Wealthy Affiliate are second to none.

      I sincerely wish all who took action a great success!

  5. Marcus

    Hi, Edmund.

    It’s great that there is a way for stay at home moms to learn how to build their own business. Is it really true that you just choose and interest and then they will show you how to turn it into a business? Do some interests become more profitable than others?

    I wonder how long it would take for an average stay at home mom to make a website profitable. I suppose the great thing is, though, while they are at home they will have a lot of time available to work on it.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi. Marcus.

      Thanks for your questions.

      Yes, it is true that all Online Business starts out with an Interest. Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Program will guide you on the process of choosing a niche.

      You are right that some interest do become more profitable than others. You have to consider this point during your niche selection process.

      The time to make a website profitable really depends on how much effort and time you are able to commit to your business. Online Business is definitely not easy and not going to make you rich overnight. Only your passion and persistence will bring you to your goals.

      Hope this help! Wishing you the best!

  6. Lee Zhi Wei

    Hey there

    You have laid out a great article relating to work from home businesses. To an online marketer like me who’s trying to actually find an authentic/legit platform, it’s of much help.

    Although I am not a “mom” but as I am always on the look out for legit opportunities & this article definitely helps me a lot.

    Thanks you!

    Zhi Wei

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hey there Zhi Wei!

      You are most welcome and I am glad that this article has created values for you too. 🙂

      You could share this article with your friends who are staying at home moms. I believe they will like the opportunity to try out the legitimate and authentic program at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Wishing you the best!

  7. Justin

    Hello, Edmund!

    Great article and very informative! My wife has been wanting to get out of the humdrum 9 – 5, sometimes 7, to be able to spend more time at home with our son, and soon to be son and daughter. You seem pretty strong in the words of how she could supplement the household income by switching to this kind of work.

    My question, however, before I tempt to lead her in this direction, would be how much time would you feel she would need to devote to this in order to make something of financial value? Also, and I understand it’s not all about the money, would you feel that this type of work is more rewarding?

    She needs something that can get her away from her daily work without creating a taxing situation. I see her wanting to get away from what she currently does. I really hope I can help her find a comparable job that she would enjoy, as well as make her feel comfortable in leaving for.

    Thank you for the information and help, in advance!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Justin!

      First of all, I think your wife must view Affiliate Marketing as a business and not a work.

      Running your own business is definitely going to be different from working for others. You must be really committed to what you want to achieve. There are no rules on how much time to devote to this business, rather, you must ask yourself how much time you are willing to devote to his business.

      Affiliate Marketing business takes times to build and you may not even see an income for the first few months. This could be a taxing situation for some. I think your wife should consider this business carefully because this is not a “job”.

      Definitely, when you have decided to embark this Affiliate Marketing Journey, the reward is definitely going to be much more fulfilling than working for others.

      Wishing you the best!

  8. Jeremy Hood

    Nice post Edmund!

    Using wealthy affiliate to generate extra income is a great idea for stay at home moms.

    In fact, every since joining WA I have been trying to convince my wife to start her own blog.

    She is worried about the writing part. Do you have any tips for SAHM’s that aren’t the strongest writers?

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Jeremy.

      Thank you! 🙂

      I am glad that you have seen the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and even tried to convince your wife to start her own blog! And I understand how she feels, I felt the same too when I just got started. Being a non-native English speaker and writer, I feared that my writing is not easy to be understood by my readers.

      However, as I started writing, one article at a time, I improved my writing skills and even the speed of writing. I used free tools such as Grammarly to check my spelling and grammar mistakes on the go as I write. This saves up a lot of my time too.

      It takes some effort to get started, however, as the momentum gets going, it will become easier. 🙂

      Hope this helps and wishing you and your wife the best!

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