Online jobs for stay at home dads – Top 3!

Online jobs for stay at home dads – Top 3!

Online jobs for stay at home dads – Top 3!

Are you a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD)? Looking for Online jobs for stay at home dads to supplement your income? Look here!

Online Jobs For Stay at Home Dads – Top 3!

Since the beginning of time, Man is stereotyped as the breadwinner of the house. He is supposed to get out of the house to hunt for food and bring home to the family.

In the 21st Century, this is no longer hold true. More and more men have decided to stay at home to take care of the house chores and look after the children while their wife worked for the household income. I really respect and admired stay at home dads’ dedication to the family.

Nevertheless, many stay at Home Dads are also turning to the Internet for Online Job. They hoped to help with the household income during their free time because Online Job allow them to work at the comfort of their home when they are free of their daily chores.

Many Online companies know that these group of men can actually contribute to them, thus created product and services to tap on these group of men’s skills and talents.

If you are a stay at home dad, check out my Top 3 Online Jobs for stay at home dads.


Online jobs for Stay at Home Dads - 1Become an Online Affiliate Marketer

A lot of companies requires people to help them spread the news of their products. A lot of them are offering Internet Affiliate Marketing opportunities. One good example is Amazon’s Associate Program.

You do not have to be tech savvy to become an Affiliate Marketer, but you must be able to write reviews of products. If the reader of your review decides to buy the product through your affiliate links, you are able to earn some commission from the transaction.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick business because it requires some effort setting up a website, creating your review contents and knowing how to attract your online visitors to your website. However, once successful, the passive income stream could be a good additional source of income for your family.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and I learned how to set up an Affiliate Marketing business from scratch at Wealthy Affiliate University. I have successfully generated the Online income from affiliate marketing after following the step by step Online Entrepreneur Certification Program.

Thus, I recommend you to check out my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate University here.


Online jobs for Stay at Home Dads - 2Become an E-lancer

A lot of my friends are doing freelance work as they do not like to be tied to a company and would like the freedom to work at anywhere and anytime they wanted.

As a stay at home dad, you could consider this option too.

Do you have any expertise, like writing or other skills?

Becoming a freelancer is very easy nowadays because websites like has created an eco-system for employers and freelancer. Employers offer jobs at the Elance portal and you could offer your expertise and service to any company around the world there too. You could then agree on the terms of payment with the company if you find a suitable match of the job you can provide.

I recommend that you do a good job for your first customer to build the trusted and reputation. Once your name and services spread across the globe, your income level will definitely go up too!


Online jobs for Stay at Home Dads - 3

Fill in Surveys

If you liked easy jobs Online, I would recommend sign up with many Survey companies to be on their member’s panel. Survey companies pay for your time to give them your opinions.

As expected, easy jobs do not pay well too. For each survey you filled in, you would be paid in the range of cents to a few dollars, depending on the length of the survey. The frequencies of the survey you will qualify are unpredictable too. You need to have a strategy to work with so that it is advantages to you and your income.

Registration to be a member of panels is usually free for most of the Online Survey Companies. I have participated with several survey companies before and you can see my reviews here.

  1. YouGov
  2. MySurvey


Other Suggestions?

I believe that there are definitely more legitimate online jobs for stay at home dads. I hope my recommendations here are able to create a spark for your work from home ideas.

Please leave a comment on any other ideas, so that others could benefit too. 🙂

Wishing you Success!






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12 thoughts on “Online jobs for stay at home dads – Top 3!

  1. Kush1000

    Hey! Great post you have created here 🙂 I’m a stay at home dad wannabe! So I have joined WA and I’m home for 3 months now and making more money than my old job.

    To anyone out there reading this, join WA and look no further, It will be the best decision in your life.

    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.

    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!

    Cheers and good luck

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hey, Kush! Thanks for your comment!

      Wow! You are a great example for all stay at home dad wannabe! Congratulation to your success!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate University has already helped thousands of Internet Marketers to be successful with their Online Business! I too strongly recommend anyone to check out the free* starter membership there.

      All the best, Kush!

  2. rookiercflyer

    What a great site! There are so many stay-at-home dads in this day and age. To be able to provide them with structured guidelines to succeeding on line is a very worthwhile concept.

    Most dads struggling to raise children on their own find they have very little time to research such a complex subject as making money online. Your site rationalises this subject and gives them a natural path toward success.

    You are covering every avenue that needs to be explored in a good logical progression. Well done!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, rookiercflyer! Thanks for your comment and compliments!

      I am really glad that I am able to create values by helping stay at home dads to explore possible ways to make money online and to help them get started in this article.

      There are so much more resources at this website that share with the readers the natural path toward success. And I really hope anyone with the serious thought of making a passive income online could explore Wealthy Affiliate University first.

      Wealthy Affiliate University is the place that allows new budding Online Entrepreneurs to explore and experience for themselves first hand how to build an Online Business from scratch to success.

      Wishing you the best!

  3. Neil

    I’m not a Dad myself, but I ended up on this article because I’m helping a friend (who’s a stay at home Dad) to find legit ways of making money online.

    This is a fantastic article on online jobs for stay at home Fathers!

    After reading about affiliate marketing, I will pass this on to my friend as I know it will help him, and I’m gonna look into Wealthy Affiliate for myself too since I’m here now.

    Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way forward for any Dad to earn money on the internet.



    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Neil! Thanks for your comment.

      Appreciate your help to share this article with your friend too. Your friend and you are gonna to be amazed at the amount of training at Wealthy Affiliate. The help and support from the community will warm your hearts too.

      Wishing both of you the best!

  4. Jeff

    These are some good recommendations for making money online. Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start your own business.

    I would be interested in checking out the survey companies too – I’ve never looked at that type of opportunity before. What do you feel is the best place for someone to start out online?

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment.

      Do give the survey companies a try, however, you must sign up with quite a few because the payout for each survey is sometimes little.

      I guess, after all my experience with the survey companies, I am with you that Wealthy Affiliate is still the best place to start your own business!

      Wishing you the best!

  5. Viljoen

    If I was a home stay at home dad then I would only do Freelancing and affiliate marketing. Online surveys are just a waste of valuable time if you ask me.

    If you have a specific skill set then you can make a lot of money on Freelancing sites such as Fiverr. Affiliate marketing is also a great option but it can take a while before you can make money with it.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Viljoen, thanks for your comment!

      You are right, Online Surveys do take up a lot of time and the time spent vs rewards ratio may not be favourable. However, I know there are people making a full-time income out of it. I believe they know how to apply certain strategies.

      I am like you, I prefer to build an Online Affiliate Marketing Business instead too. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how and successfully built a Passive Online Income. You could attend the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification course and have a taste of it.

  6. Andrew

    Hi, Edmund!

    I am a part-time stay at home dad and I have already tried surveys, with very little success. It’s really hard to find good survey sites that pay well, if at all!

    I’m now focusing my efforts on affiliate marketing. I have done affiliate marketing on and off for a few years now and have had mixed results. Out of the examples here I would recommend trying affiliate marketing, it takes work but it can be well worth it.

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi, Andrew!

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.

      I hope anyone reading this will head over to learn from Wealthy Affiliate University. It will show you that Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to build a passive Online income.

      Wishing you the best!

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