Empire Kred Review – Scam or Legitimate Traffic Source?!?

Empire Kred Review – Scam or Legitimate Traffic Source?!?

Empire Kred Review – Scam or Legitimate Traffic Source?!?

Empire Kred Review – What is Empire Kred and how does it work? Can you have quality traffic with Empire Kred? Read this review!

Empire Kred Review

Website: Empire.kred

Products: Traffic Exchange Website

Price: Free to join, Upgrades available.

Owner: Empire Kred Pty Ltd.

Suitable for: Intermediate and Advanced Online Marketers who like to test traffic sources.

Overview: Empire Kred is a Traffic Exchange site which was started in 2009. Although it has been around for quite a while, it seems that Empire Kred has not gained as much popularity as Traffic Monsoon, a popular TE Site.

Empire Kred has an interesting and innovating way of earning credits called “Eaves” by completing missions or invest in other members’ social stocks.

Empire Kred Review – How does it work?

I got to know about Empire Kred when I was researching another product called Traffic Lock Down 2.0.

This was the Traffic Exchange recommend by Shim, owner of Traffic Lock Down 2.0.

Out of curiosity, I want to find out more about Empire Kred and to determine whether it is a scam or a legitimate company.

As a result, I was intrigued that Empire Kred was not so well known by the Online public when I want to search for its review.

It’s like a little Empire hiding in the dense forest, waiting to be discovered by the World. 🙂

In any way, this is how Empire Kred works,

Empire Kred Review - How it works


Signing up is simple and free. Once you are in, you are able to setup your account to link with your social media and start completing Missions to earn your “Eaves” credits.

Completing your profile earns you some “Eaves” credits too.

Empire Kred also has it’s Social Stock Market where each member has a Share Price attached to them, your share valued base on your activities and relationship with other members.

Investing your “Eaves” on other members will let you have the potential gain when the members’ Share Price increase. Hence earning more “Eaves” credit.

Another interesting feature is that your investments pay out dividends too! I will elaborate on this investment feature later on.

Now, with all the “Eaves” credits you earned, you can launch your own Mission and determine the amount of “Eaves” credit to be rewarded to the members who complete your missions.


Empire Kred Review – What is Missions?

There are many different kinds of missions with different “Eaves” values that you can earn when you complete them.

This is an example of a mission that requires you to view a YouTube Video. Empire Kred Review - Mission 1

Empire Kred Review - Mission 1.1


By clicking the green [Complete] button, you’ll be brought to the YouTube Video.

There is a [Preview Mission] button but it serves no purpose.

When you clicked it, it is just a pop-up window to ask you whether you want to proceed to the link of this mission.

At this point, it is really up to you whether you want to watch the full video or not. Because, once you clicked the [Complete] button, this mission is considered completed.

Empire Kred Review - Mission 1.2


The reward for completing this mission is 37,000 “Eaves”.

Mission Complete Badge

As a new sign up you are required to complete 50 missions  of values > 5000 “Eaves” and 50 missions of values <= 5000 “Eaves” within 30 days.

Empire Kred Review - Mission Complete Badge

Once you complete, you’ll unlock a Mission Complete Badge.


Empire Kred Review – What is Social Stock Market?

This is the first time I see such an interesting feature within a Traffic Exchange Site.

So what is a Social Stock?

When you clicked on your profile, you’ll see Share Price attached to you.

Empire Kred Review - Social Stock

For example, my current Share Price is at 55.59 “Eaves”.

If an Empire Kred member wish to invest in my share, he has to pay 55.50 “Eaves” per share.

Usually, there is a limit of how much you are able to purchase another member’s share depending on your “level”. What I have observed so far is up to a max of 200 shares or 400 shares for different members.

“Invest in a Social Stock Market where other Influencers work to increase your wealth for you.

Identify promising newcomers and top performers who can help you generate a return through dividends and sales.” – Empire Kred

Average Dividend

Notice the Average Dividend below my share price. My current average dividend is 0.21 “Eaves” per share. The dividend is payout daily to you if you have invested in my share.

Here is an excerpt of how Dividend works from Empire Kred.

“On Empire Kred, we pay you daily for the shares you own in someone based on their activity and engagement! How it works:

  1. You buy shares in John Smith.
  2. John Smith posts on Twitter and Facebook, uploads stuff to Instagram and YouTube throughout the day.
  3. Based on John’s activity and engagement in those networks, we create a pool of Eaves once a day.
  4. We take that pool and we divide it among John’s shareholders, based on the number of shares each user owns.”


Empire Kred Review – How much does it cost to upgrade?

You are able to upgrade from a Free Member to a Premium Member for additional benefits.

Empire Kred Review - Premium Cost

Click for more detail plan comparisons. (*You need to create a free account first to see the details.)

Note: All plans are billed monthly.

  • Bronze – $19/mth
  • Silver – $49/mth
  • Gold – $99/mth
  • Mercury – $249/mth


Empire Kred Review – My Personal Take

Although Empire Kred does look interesting at first, however, I have some concerns after exploring this product further.

#1 Completing of missions needs Integrity

As I mentioned earlier, when you clicked on the [Complete] button at the mission page, your mission is considered completed.

The mission link will open a new tab where it will bring you to the targeted page. You can simply close the tab without even looking at what is the content there!

Therefore, I am a little skeptical of this process. Some members may be there to collect the “Eaves” credit only so that they can create their own mission. Do they really bother to read your contents?

It happens to me too. I click on the tab, glanced at the targeted paged for 5 secs max. If it captures my attention, I will stay a little longer. Else I’ll just close the tab immediately.

So I think there is a flaw in this.

Leadsleap 2.0, another Traffic Exchange site I used, does not allow its member to do this. Leadsleap’s system is fairer and they ensure viewer really view your page to earn credits!

#2 Premium cost is high

The premium cost for Silver, Gold and Mercury is on the high side for someone who is just starting out in Online Marketing.

Personally, I would not invest in the Premium Plan first. I will test the traffic to see if they are suitable for my niche.

#3 Traffic source

After exploring Empire Kred for about a week, I realized that it does have members from quite a variety of niches.

There are Photography, Health, Healing, Faith, Online Marketing, Music etc.

Does the traffic source’s demographic matches your niche? You definitely need to use the free account to test the conversion rate of your offer.

Another idea is to create missions for members to follow your Twitter or like your FaceBook page.


Empire Kred Review – Another Targeted Traffic Alternative

I started my Affiliate Marketing business in 2014 and learned how to generate traffics (free or paid) to my website from Wealthy Affiliate.

It is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

Empire Kred Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I could start learning how to build my Online Business Passive Income with ZERO prior knowledge on Affiliate Marketing and how to generate traffics.

Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to generate targeted traffics to your own specific niche.

Not only that it comes with complete Keyword tools and Website building and hosting suite, Wealthy Affiliate comes with live support and helps from the owners and the community.

You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership in the next few minutes!

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


Empire KredReview – Final Verdict

Empire Kred
Empire Kred Pty Ltd.
Overall Rating: 

I rated Empire Kred 3.0  stars because Empire Kred has interesting features to let you gain “Eaves” credits.

However, note that the Traffic Source may not be suitable for every niche. You’ll definitely use the free account to test the traffic first.

There are a lot to explore within Empire Kred especially the types of mission you can create and how to maximise your dividend payout daily. These could only be learned by hands-on, trial and error with the system.

Personally, I recommend you to explore Empire Kred and gain your first-hand experience.

Wishing you the best!

Empire Kred Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

4 thoughts on “Empire Kred Review – Scam or Legitimate Traffic Source?!?

  1. Think City

    This review is very useful! It breaks down what Empire Kred is in full detail which is great because it can be confusing to a new user trying to figure out what it is and how to use it. A very valid point about integrity playing a role in “missions” also. Great read, thank you!

  2. Royan Shaw

    You’re on point with this review it’s really a social exchange platform but does not allow members to actually promote openly any offer you might have in mind.

    Members may click a link to complete a mission but the system has no validation method to guarantee that your site is visited and for how long so it’s definitely not a true traffic exchange.

    When you set up a mission the type of mission will determine how other members interact with your web assets but again there is no guarantee you will be able to get users to actually land on your page and engage with your offer.

    Besides, the system will eat away at your credit balance with an 80% fee for posting the more effective type of missions…

    It doesn’t allow you to earn a damn thing from your activities however you have to pay to broaden your exposure which will allow earning more credits stocks whatever plus daily dividends which are not valued as real currency so it’s really a bit of a spoof as there are no real-world values in using this system as engagement by members are not guaranteed nor is the money you earn real.

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