SuperPay Me Review – Legitimate or Scam?

SuperPay Me Review – Legitimate or Scam?

SuperPay Me Review – Legitimate or Scam?

SuperPay Me Review – What is SuperPay Me and how does it work? Can you make money from home with SuperPay Me? Let me reveal all in this research review.

SuperPay Me Review


Product: Survey Company

Price: Free

Owner: 99 Venture Ltd (UK)

Suitable for: Anyone like taking paid survey.

Overview: A Survey Company that pays out $0.40 to $1.50 per survey depending on the length of the Survey. Higher payout of up to $3.00 if you complete a chosen task. SuperPay Me Offers an appealing referral program where you earn 25% of what your referral earns.

SuperPay Me Review – How does it work?

SuperPay Me works exactly the same as any other Survey Companies.

SuperPay Me Review - Steps

  1. You sign up free as member of the panel.
  2. Complete the survey sent to you.
  3. Accumulate points or rewards and get pay when a threshold amount is reached.

It is very simple to sign up with a survey company such as SuperPay Me. However, you must know that you may not get many surveys from SuperPay Me every day.

The reason is simple.


SuperPay Me Review – Survey’s Target Participant

The Survey industry is making millions every year because there are many companies out there wants to do marketing research from the mass consumers.

Thus, SuperPay Me wants as many people from all sort of different backgrounds, age, living lifestyle and where do they stay  etc. as possible to join its panel of members.

Having known this, based on SuperPay Me’s corporate clients’ requirements, surveys are sent out to specific individuals base on the personal details you submit during registration.

Sometimes “Interview” questions are asked before a survey to check if you qualify.

In this way, they will have a targeted group of people which they can get meaningful results from their surveys.

So, as an individual member, you might not receive or qualify for all the surveys that SuperPay Me has.

The strategy is that you should sign up with not just SuperPay Me, but as many Survey Companies as possible.


SuperPay Me Review – How much can you earn?

SuperPay Me Review - Current Payout

At this current point of writing this research review, SuperPay Me has paid out $357,751.83 to its total members of 371065 members.

I wonder why they put these numbers up because it could mislead new members that each member could just earn a miserably $0.96 per member on the average.

Of course, you must understand this figure may not be accurate as some members are not as active as others.

Some could earn more if they are more “lucky” to qualify for the high payout surveys. Some are more “hard working” to complete certain tasks.


SuperPay Me Review – Daily Survey and Tasks payouts

SuperPay Me also offers cash payout for Daily Surveys and Tasks completed. You must meet the specific requirements for these two before you start.

Daily Surveys examples,

SuperPay Me Review - Daily Surveys


Daily Tasks examples,

SuperPay Me Review - Daily Task


What I liked about SuperPay Me is that it does payout on it terms and you can even request a payment once you have accumulated a minimum balance of $1.00. Your payment request will be processed within 24 hours.

The payouts could be in the following forms.

SuperPay Me Review - Payout methods

Another thing I liked about SuperPay Me is that it has a referral program that pays 25% of all your referral’s earning.

This is quite an appealing percentage for many.


SuperPay Me Review – Terms to take note

There are many Online frauds and some people just want to mess with the systems.

Inevitably, SuperPay Me has strict rules to protect itself and its honest members.

You have to take note of the Terms and Conditions carefully to prevent getting yourself banned, even if it is not your intention of some actions.

Here is a short excerpt,

Site Membership: Users must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate on our website. is made available for personal use only. One user may only operate one account. Creation of more than one account is considered fraud and will result in account termination. Only one account per household is allowed. This includes, but is not restricted to, accounts registered at the same address, accounts being operated from the same device, accounts being operated from the same premises, accounts using the same internet connection or IP address and any other action which we determine suggests a breach of this rule…[continue]


SuperPay Me Review – My Personal Take

Taking surveys and completing simple tasks are easy jobs that do not require professional skills.

You should not expect to earn a lot just by doing these.

Moreover, you have to ask yourself whether what is the effort/reward ratio that you are willing to invest in.

Personally, I have tried several surveys companies such as YouGov and MySurvey. These are legitimate companies and I did receive payouts from them.

However, I do not really like the fact that the rewards are so little compared to my effort and time invested filling up the surveys.

To achieve my goal of Financial Freedom, I looked for alternatives.


SuperPay Me Review – Make Money Online Alternative

I started my Affiliate Marketing business in 2014 and never looked back since.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to build a Successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business right from the fundamentals.

SuperPay Me Review - Wealthy Affiliate University

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that I could start learning how to build my Online Business Passive Income with ZERO prior knowledge on Affiliate Marketing.

Not only that it comes with complete tools and Website building and hosting suite, Wealthy Affiliate comes with live support and help from the owners and the community.

It’s also an all-in-one platform with a fixed monthly fee, and you do not have to worry about other operation costs.

You can even test-drive it first with FREE* Starter Membership in the next few minutes!

I have written a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and perhaps you can find out more from there.


SuperPay Me Review – Final Verdict

SuperPay Me
99 Venture Ltd (UK)
Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

I rated SuperPay Me 3.5 stars because it is a legitimate Survey Company that payouts on its terms.

However, you should know that the payout of filling surveys and completing tasks are quite little. You may require to signing up with many survey companies to have a higher chance of qualifying more surveys. Some strategies may be needed.

Personally, to achieve a Passive Online Income, I started an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about Affiliate Marketing Business as a good alternative for learning how to build Passive Online Income.

Even for the free* course at Wealthy Affiliate, every detail is laid out clearly for a novice with ZERO knowledge.

I would highly recommend it if you can go through the free* Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level 1) to have the first-hand experience of how to start an Affiliate Marketing Business.

My profile is edtay78. If you need a hand in anything, you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing you the best!

SuperPay Me Review - Edmund





*Please note that some countries are not able to join as FREE Starter Members due to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Anti-SPAM policy.

6 thoughts on “SuperPay Me Review – Legitimate or Scam?

  1. Jen

    Hi Edmund,

    I am looking for ways to earn some side income Online by taking surveys and I came across this review of SuperPay Me. I think I am relatively suited to taking surveys during my spare time.

    However, you mentioned that taking surveys will not pay out much versus time invested. How does this compare to Affiliate Marketing business you recommended?

    By the way, this is a great review!

    1. Edmund Post author

      Hi Jen, thank you for your comment and question.

      Yes, indeed, the rewards of taking surveys, most of the time, does not justify the time invested. But you get to see the rewards of few dollars instantly once you complete the surveys and can cash out to your bank or Paypal account.

      On the other hand, for Affiliate Marketing business, you will not get this kind of instant gratification. You will spend a lot of effort and time at the beginning stage building your affiliate marketing website and learn the rope of attracting traffic to your website. You may not even see any income for the first few months but the reward is 1000’s time better than taking surveys when you succeed. And many people just gave up without knowing that they are very near to making their first income.

      You have to understand why you want to earn the side income and purpose of it. You should have a very strong conviction and determination to achieve what you want before embarking the Affiliate Marketing business journey. It is not a getting rich quick kind of thing.

      If you are unsure, I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate’s Free* Starter member to understand more. I am sure you will definitely learn something at the end of your free* training.

      Hope this helps, and wishing you the best! 🙂

  2. MatthewUK

    Hello, would like to report that this site is becoming a scam.
    My situation:
    I just wanted to register, but it told me, that I’m already registered. So I asked for a login and password. Logged in and found that I’m marked as a cheater.
    p.s. I didn’t even work @ that site and didn’t have any money on balance.

    Screenshots with support answers:

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