Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course – Preview Seminar

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course – Preview Seminar

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course – Preview Seminar

Do you intend to attend Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course Preview Seminar? Lets look at what is offered in this Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course.

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course

Website: fabianlim.name

Product: Seminar

Price: Introductory Seminar (2 hours) – Free, Actual Seminar (Friday, Sat and Sun) – $2795 if you sign on the spot at the Preview Seminar (Claimed value at $3495)

Owner: Fabian Lim

Suitable for: Novice

Overview: Teaches 3 simple steps to start Internet Marketing Business and 4 Profit Models to make money online in 3 full days seminars. Fabian Lim’s proprietary Search Engine Optimisation techniques will be taught also.

This is the second Internet Marketing course that I came across. This first one is Internet Empire Mastery Seminar by Wealth Mastery Sg.

I am very happy to know that this time, a very successful entrepreneur with immense knowledge of Internet Marketing is willing to share his own experience and knowledge to the public. (You’ll need to pay for the course. There is no free lunch, and his time is money.)

Who is Fabian Lim?

Fabian founded ClickMedia.com.sg in 2008, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA. His company has advised clients in the area of internet marketing, including multi-national companies and public sector.

Following that Fabian founded ClickEvents.com.sg in 2009 and was recognised & awarded the Promising SME 500 & Singapore Brands awards in 2012.

Fabian is also a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and the only CERTIFIED SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING TRAINER authorized by Search Engine Workshops (USA) to conduct Search Engine Optimization Certification training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines & Hong Kong.

When a man with such credentials is going to teach us how to make money online, I sincerely do believe we can definitely learn something from him.

Fabian Lim always emphasize that his course will not make you rich over night, and I appreciate his honesty. Indeed, there are a lot of Get Rich Quick Scams out there in the Online World. Do not fall into scams that sell you some Get Rich Quick products!

Personally I am learning from Wealthy Affiliate University, another authentic Internet Marketing Business School.

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Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Preview Seminar

Most of the time, Internet Marketing Seminar Company will hold a preview seminar free to attract audiences who are interested in this topic.

I do not usually attend such preview seminars because I am already taking courses from Wealthy Affiliate University.

And I always know that there are many kind hearted people will blog about such preview seminars. This indeed saves many people of their time! Some people may not be able to attend due to work or family commitments.

One of the kind-hearted people is Roland. He wrote a very detailed blog on Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Preview Seminar.

Head over there and take a look. I am very pleased to read his unbiased views on the Preview Seminar.

I quoted his summarised view here:

The good: The speaker was Simon Leung. He claims to be a world renowned Internet Marketing Trainer. He worked in Google for 4 years and has been to many places giving talks and conducting seminars. His delivery style is more lay-back and easy certainly not very sales kind. He did share his 3 simple steps to start and 4 “sure fire” ways to make money online.

The not-so-good: The speaker was Simon Leung. I was disappointed that it was not Fabian himself. Plus I can safely say that 60-70% of the time the “seminar” is talking about Simon& Fabian Lim’s carefree lifestyle and countless number of student testimonials. 

In a nutshell: I didn’t learn any new stuff, except how wonderful the trainers’ lives are.

Do read some of the comments in Roland’s blog post too. There are some other views by Fabian’s Students who had attended the seminars.


Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course’s Students testimonials

Fabian also claimed that his course has helped the most number of students in Singapore to achieve $10000/mth income through their Online Business.

I believe that if anyone is determined to achieve that amount of income per month, with the skills and knowledge learnt put into practice diligently. It is achievable.

One of the secrets of a Successful Online Business is GRIT.

You can view his student’s testimonials here.


Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course Pros

  • Learn from the best in Internet Marketing Industry.
  • Genuine and Experienced Coaches.
  • Meet friend with the same passion for Online Business.

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course Cons

  • The seminar fee is slightly high and may not be affordable for some.
  • Jam packed 3 days seminar may have information overload for some.

Not sure if you are suitable for Internet Marketing Business?

What if you are not able to afford or do not wish to spend 1000’s dollars to attend seminars or courses?

What if you are still not sure whether Internet Marketing Business is suitable for you?

You might want to check out Wealthy Affiliate University where I learn and try Internet Marketing for FREE when I first started out in Internet Marketing Business.

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Final Verdict

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Course
Fabian Lim
Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

A valuable seminar to attend for beginners who can afford the seminar fees because you are tapping on the experience of Fabian Lim. Recommended to ask a lot of questions and seek help where possible when you attend the seminar to make the money worth.

P.S. I did not attend Fabian Lim’s paid seminar and I am in no way rewarded by Fabian or his companies for writing this review. The views shared here are my own and bases on researches done online.


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